How To Treat Your Skin – Need Some Skinspiration On Treating Acne And Common Skin Diseases?

How  To  Treat  Your  Skin

How To Treat Your Skin

Need Some Skinspiration on Treating Acne and Common Skin Diseases?

When we suffer from a breakout or have dry or discoloured skin, it can be very isolating. For some, it feels like not going out is a better alternative to being seen with problem skin. The reality is the skin problem you suffer with is likely to be a common one. I found out that acne is actually the most common skin problem in the United States. It affects up to 50 million people annually! Inflammation of the skin, pigmentation, or discoloration, dry and oily skin, are also common problems. So the first thing to know is, you are not alone! A combination of beauty products, science, and medicine will help you to deal with your skin condition. 

How to treat your skin
Inflammation of the skin & acne are the most common skin problems


How to Treat Your Skin Right


• Skin Care Acne Treatment

Breakouts, spots, pimples, blemishes, call it what you will, we’ve all been there. When treating acne it’s important to know what exactly causes the inflammation of the skin. Different people get breakouts for different reasons. Hormones, genetics, stress, medication, and food can all cause spots to form. Keep a diary of when your spots get worse to try and pinpoint the cause. Dairy food is a known cause of acne in some people. Alternatively, see whether your acne worsens before you get your period, this will show that your acne is hormonal.

The best way to control acne, and improve its appearance, is a combination of medication, lifestyle, and science. Medication helps to control inflammation of the skin and can control the production of excess sebum. Use face washes and products which have scientifically approved ingredients. Salicylic acid, niacinamide, and retinol are all great for fighting acne. Finally, try adjusting your diet to contain less unhealthy foods. Whiteheads on the forehead can be a sign you’re dehydrated so drink lots of water! Limit the amount of dairy you eat and see if there’s any difference too.

how to treat your skin
How to treat your skin – Always use a high SPF to avoid sun spots or red patches of skin


• Skin Pigmentation Disorders

Skin pigmentation takes many different forms. You may have sun spots, brown patches, or red patches of skin. To deal with this use a primer before applying makeup. There are lots of colour correcting primers which can even out skin tones. If you have a problem with redness select a green primer. This will counteract the red spots on the skin.

You can also reverse skin pigmentation more permanently with laser treatment. Lasers are used for the best tattoo removal results, hair removal, and even correcting skin tone. This non-invasive treatment is popular amongst those looking for long-term results.

how to treat your skin
Non-invasive laser treatment for the best tattoo removal results


• Dry Skin

If you have dry skin you may find your complexion looks dull and makeup sticks to flakes of skin. It can be an incredibly debilitating skin condition, not to mention sore and uncomfortable. Use a moisturiser which is packed full of humectants. Humectants are a great ingredient for dry skin as they help us to store moisture. Similarly, drink plenty of water. This will help skin to appear plumper and more radiant. Before applying makeup moisturise your skin then let it settle for ten minutes before applying makeup. This will ensure your products don’t stick to any problem areas.

how to treat your skin
Some Skinspiration On How To Treat Your Skin –

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6 years ago

Hey Klaudia,

I have a flaky skin,could you recommend some DIY skincare recipe for this condition? Is the use of salicylic acid fine with a flaky skin? Thanks.

Jenny S.
6 years ago

Hi Klaudia,

When it comes to treating my acne, I always use natural products and even made some DIY facial mask, facial cleanser, and facial moisturizer because these are safe. During my period, that’s the time for my acne to comes out. I’m glad I don’t have acne that is hereditary.

Fabiola Rodriguez
7 years ago

Acne can be so bothersome! I still get breakouts, and I don’t eat dairy because I’m lactose intolerant. So I suppose the cause is hormonal or hereditary. I’ve always had such bad skin, even with care.

7 years ago

Well written and well explained, with so many products out there, it`s hard knowing what to buy, should you splash out and go with the affordable alternatives, shopping for something as simple as a moisturiser can be hard.
Really informative, thanks for sharing.