Inspiring Women Leaders – Things to Learn From Female Leaders in Marketing

Inspiring Women Leaders

things to learn from female leaders in marketing

All marketing executive recruiters know that having a diverse workforce is crucial for any business’ success. However, statistically, there’s a major lack of representation in business, especially when it comes to inspiring women leaders. According to Winmo, female CMOs take up about 42% of positions, while only 4.8% of Fortune 500 companies have female CEOs. If you work in a marketing agency that pushes for equality and diversity, you can see a large opportunity for women to reach those coveted executive positions. 

Inspiring women leaders working in top marketing companies
5 things that can be learned from inspiring women leaders by guest author P. Minkoff

So how can women marketers unlock their true potential? We all want to see strong professional women advance in their positions, so here are a few things that can be learned from female leaders in marketing that will inspire people, young women especially: 

• Take Risks When Necessary

Someone once said that growth and comfort never go hand in hand. No person has ever managed to rise to a leadership position by staying in their comfort zone. It’s more than natural to feel scared when diving into things that are not familiar, but female leaders learned how to put the fear on the back burner. Your fears must not restrict you from reaching your goals. When you spot growth opportunities as they present themselves, grab them because they will teach you a lot. Your initial response might be to back out because they make you uncomfortable, but the lessons you’ll learn from those risks are immeasurable. 

• Focus on Human Components

Today, every person has excess to all sorts of data, especially people working in top marketing companies. However, just because they are widely available, you can’t focus all your attention on data science and analytics. Female leaders are very much in touch with their audience and they understand the importance of the human component and the emotional component of marketing. Many men in marketing miss this emotional side, so women can really use that type of intelligence to improve their position and climb the corporate ladder. 

• Stay Ahead of Developments

Women who want to stay relevant in the rapidly evolving marketing space must dedicate their lives to learning and developing new skills. In marketing, knowledge is power, so you must stay sharp and educated if you want to earn your seat at the big girl table. Luckily, you can easily stay ahead of current developments by taking a project management course and work on your management skills.

This is a skill that’s in high demand in every industry, especially marketing, so make sure to learn what most female leaders excel at: managing resources, meeting the expectations of various stakeholders, balancing timelines and budgets and achieving great business outcomes. You can also read trade publications, study analytics and embrace new technology. 

• Build Connections

If you want to become a female leader, you need to constantly grow and evolve. One way to do so is to surround yourself with people who believe in your value and potential. Unfortunately, many women choose a safe path and hang out with people who see them for less than or people who want them to stay at their current level. However, if you choose to associate with people who see your potential, push you beyond your current capabilities and want you to succeed, you’ll do your best to stretch yourself and reach new heights. 

• Divide Your Time

Women are never just one thing. Many female leaders, even in top marketing companies, are also mothers and partners. They need to learn how to juggle different paths in life. However, if you stick to the following tip, your professional and personal lives will be much easier to manage: when you’re somewhere, be there 100%.

For instance, when you’re at work, be 100% dedicated to your work. When you’re at home, dedicate all your time to relaxation, your kids and your partner. This way, you will balance your work and life and not be torn between many things at once. 

Every company can benefit from strong female leaders, marketing included. So use these tips from successful women to rise through the ranks and reach your true potential as a woman in business. 

Go for it! 

Klaudia xx
Inspiring Women Leaders - Things to Learn From Female Leaders in Marketing
Inspiring Women Leaders – 5 things to learn from female leaders in marketing. PINTEREST image ©


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