It’s About Time You Stop Underestimating Cork Rolls

it’s about time you stop underestimating

Cork Rolls

It’s About Time You Stop Underestimating Cork Rolls

Okay. I know a topic about cork rolls isn’t really something you want to read first thing in the morning now, is it? I mean, people don’t just end up in cork roll articles by coincidence you know. But somehow, you’re interested in wine cork crafts and spongy boards. And, I am glad that you’re actually showing some interest. It’s not every day that people actually want to learn about these things. Let’s face it. It’s not the most interesting thing to talk about, okay? But albeit the knowledge of many, these boards actually serve very important purposes – at home, in school, in the office, and practically everywhere else.

Aside from preventing the fizz to get out of your favourite champagne bottle, cork is used for many other things. Check this out:

It’s About Time You Stop Underestimating Cork Rolls -
image credit Helge Sternke / source: Wikipedia

This is what we’re going to talk about today. Because really, it’s about time we stop underestimating what these rolls can do.

  • What you need to know about cork rolls

For starters, let’s talk about what you already know about them. The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “cork” is stoppers right? Like, in the case of bottle caps and door stoppers. You see, cork is a buoyant type of material. This means that it is light – light enough to float when put above water. This makes it very convenient to use and transport. But even if it’s lighter than your common type of wood, it is impermeable. This means that liquid cannot seep through it which is why it is used to close beverage bottles. 

Play roll for children made of cork

Also, compared to wood, cork is more flexible – pliable, even. It’s hard but not “too hard” that it’s rock solid. There are types that can be pressed and plied with force so that it tightly fits into openings. Other than being a stopper, however, this substance is also used for many other things. But before we discuss what those other “purposes” are, it would be best to understand how this substance is made – just to improve your opinion about it.

  • How is cork made?

You probably think that it’s also a tree product. Well, you’re not too wrong about that. But unlike wood that requires the cutting of a tree, cork is made from tree bark – specifically, from the bark of the Quercus suber otherwise known as cork oak.

Quercus Suber / Cork Oak 

If done right, there is no need the kill the tree to harvest the bark. Also, the bark naturally grows back over the years which make this substance a renewable resource that can be replenished with time. It’s definitely more eco-friendly than wood – the number one culprit behind deforestation.

The bark naturally grows back over the years.

Now that you know where this substance comes from, I bet your hesitations and doubts about using it are dispelled. So on to the most important question.

  • How can you utilize cork in your daily life?

Let’s start with its simpler purposes like organization. Cork rolls can really help you organize tasks as well as things around the house. They are usually made into boards and sold at very affordable prices to be used as “reminder boards.” Because it is softer than wood, it’s easier (like way too easy) to pin things on it.

Eco-friendly cork roll crafts can help you organize things around the house.

Stuff like daily reminders, grocery lists, bills to pay, and to-do checklists can be conveniently placed in one of these awesome boards. You can easily remove them too.

Aside from simple purposes, this substance may also be used in a grander manner. How about an eco-friendly cork handbag?

Cork handbags – image credit Marco Verch under CC2.0. license

Say, in the construction of your home. Lining walls, ceilings, or floors with cork can help with thermal insulation and noise reduction – which can really help you save on energy. Because it can regulate your room temperatures at home fairly well, you will have no need to turn on air-conditioners or heaters all the time.

Because it does really well in reducing noise, you won’t have to worry about soundproofing some parts of your house – particularly the bedroom or your home office. Learn how to soundproof with cork here. Other than these applications, the said substance also plays a role in space travel, warships, and stadiums. They are used for very big purposes and you may not even know about it. 

It’s About Time You Stop Underestimating Cork Rolls -
Tropical cork helmets 

I just hope that today, you learn to appreciate cork a little more. And the next time you open a bottle of champagne, be sure to thank the cork for being so helpful. 

Salud Klaudia xx 


It’s About Time You Stop Underestimating Cork Rolls
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