Travel Packing Checklist – How To Pack For A Vacation Avoiding All Extra Airline Baggage Fees

Travel Packing Checklist

How to Pack For a Vacation Avoiding Extra Airline Baggage Fees

Packing for a holiday, especially when travelling abroad throws up all kinds of predicaments. You need to ensure you don’t go over the weight limits stipulated by your airline, for starters!

Travel Packing Checklist - How to pack for a vacation avoiding extra airline baggage fees
How to pack for a vacation avoiding extra airline baggage fees –

Perhaps you want to cut costs by only taking hand luggage for your vacation, but you need enough outfits and toiletries to last the duration. Before you try to pack everything, including the kitchen sink, try to streamline your items to the ones that are essential. Hopefully, the following travel packing checklist will help.

  • 1. Insurance Documents

Packing your insurance documents is absolutely essential. It is necessary to get worldwide coverage medical insurance when you travel abroad, should anything untoward happens. Photocopy your policy and keep a copy in each item of luggage, also email a copy to yourself.

  • 2. Passport

Sounds obvious, however it’s surprising how many people arrive at the airport to find they’ve let their passport at home! Ensure your passport is in date too. As with other paperwork, it’s a good idea to take copies and email a copy to yourself.

Travel Packing Checklist - How to pack for a vacation
Travel Packing Checklist – Take copies of passport & boarding pass

Along with your passport, don’t forget travel documents such as boarding passes and visas. If you are planning on driving abroad pack your driving license, it is also useful for proving identity too.

   • 3. Money

It’s entirely optional as to which form you choose for your travel money. A small amount of cash in the currency of the country you’re travelling to would be useful for small expenses on first arrival such as taxis. The remainder of your money would be safer in the form of credit and debit cards or reloadable prepaid visa cards. Pack your money securely.

   • 4. Medication

If you are on any form of regular medication ensure you order enough supplies to last the duration of your holiday and make sure you pack it. Pack essential medication in your hand luggage along with a letter from your medical practitioner to say you need to carry the medication. This is particularly important if your medication comes in a liquid form, such as antihistamines. You may wish to pack first aid equipment along with paracetamol and anti-sickness medication as a precaution.

   • 5. Camera and Mobile Phone

Whilst on holiday you will want to create memories of the places that you visit, so don’t forget to pack your camera and mobile phone. Many smartphones have excellent capabilities when it comes to taking photographs, so you could ditch the camera. But whatever option you choose don’t forget chargers!

   • 6. Toiletries and Makeup

Streamline your toiletries and makeup down to the bare minimum. A full bottle of shampoo will contribute to a fair amount of your weight limit. Buy travel sizes or buy once you’re there. Sunscreen is essential though, so buy full sizes and lots of it. Sunscreen can be quite pricey in a lot of holiday destinations, so it’s worth stocking up!

Glasses and contact lens products are essential if you wear them. And room for a stylish pair of sunglasses is in the smallest bag, too.

  • 7. Clothes

If you have any room left for clothes and shoes, streamline your outfits to an absolute minimum. You really don’t need all that stuff, remember how much you have brought back home last year, never worn! Ensure you pick items of clothing that are adaptable to different occasions. 

Travel Packing Checklist
Travel Packing Checklist – Streamline your outfits to an absolute minimum

I used to carry at least 5-6 pairs of shoes with me… 4 of them probably never touched.You really won’t need many pairs of shoes, particularly if you’re travelling somewhere hot. One pair for comfort and one pair for style. Chic nude colours go well with anything! Hopefully, by following this guide you will have stayed well within your weight limit for travelling by plane.

Have a safe flight!



Travel Packing Checklist - How To Pack For A Vacation Avoiding All Extra Airline Baggage Fees
Travel Packing Checklist – How to pack for a vacation avoiding extra airline baggage fees – image ©


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Carol Cassara
6 years ago

As a VFF or very frequent traveler, I vouch for these!!! All excellent pieces of advice.