10 Top Benefits Of Coconut Oil You Didn’t Know About

10 Top Benefits of Coconut Oil you didn’t know about!

The first written document about coconut oil dates back to 400 years before Christ, found in the Sanskrit

Top Benefits of Coconut Oil
         The Sanskrit Heritage        pic: Wikipedia

Original people in the Pacific region already knew about the beneficial effects of coconut oil. They used it then already for their body care, nutrition and as natural medicine. Since the coconut palm tree offers over 100 possible uses, the tree  is known as ‘ Tree of Life’

Top Benefits of Coconut Oil
Top Benefits of Coconut Oil – The Tree of Life

Coconut Oil is recognised as ‘Super Food’ and provides numerous positive effects on our health and well-being. What changes will you experience, if you add just 1 spoon of coconut oil to your daily diet? Let’s have a look at the 10 top benefits of Coconut Oil:

1. You will feel healthier

Nations, where coconuts belong to the daily basic foods are the healthiest worldwide!
Consuming coconut oil can reduce the risk of cancer and heart diseases, adjust the blood glucose level and boost the thyroid function. The fatty acids in coconut oil can regulate your metabolism and aid in keeping the thyroid in a good healthy condition.The coconut oil has a direct positive influence on hypothyroidism. You will most certainly find Coconut Oil in the top rank results when researching online ‘ natural remedies hypothyroidism ‘

2. You will stay healthier

Coconut Oil contains about 90% saturated fatty acids, of which 50 % lauric acids. These acids help in killing germs, viruses, and fungal pathogen, which protects you from infections. It’s been said, that coconut oil can even fight the persistent helicobacter germs.
Coconut Oil is very efficient in treating the excessive intestinal yeast, which is often regarded as being the result of a disruption in the balance of natural beneficial flora in the gastrointestinal tract. Last but not least, the numerous positive properties in coconut oil is a brilliant booster for your immune system. Regular consumption improves well-being and reinforces the immune system.

3. You become smarter

By virtue of its valuable fatty acid combination coconut oil is valid as one of the best energy sources for a healthy function of our brains, it provides even good results in treating Alzheimer. Coconut Oil is not only effective in prevention, it also slows down the process of degeneration.

4. You’ll be less hungry

The saturated fatty acids in coconut oil inhibit appetite, you will not even notice, that you are eating less . What a fantastic supplement to sustain your best weight loss approach!

Top Benefits of Coconut Oil
Top Benefits of Coconut Oil – Inhibit appetite

5. You will lose weight

Coconut Oil is ideally suited for diets and losing weight, as it’s components stimulate the fat burning process in your body. The triglycerides increase your energy metabolism by more than 5%, which with time results in losing weight!

6. You will age at a slower rate

Coconut Oil can slow down the ageing process because it is packed with antioxidants. Antioxidants are very efficient in supporting our cardiovascular system and amazing contributors for our vitality. A younger appearance and a better skin texture will be the result of daily consumption of coconut oil . Just another ‘pro’ health benefits of coconut oil on your skin.

Top Benefits of Coconut Oil
Top Benefits of Coconut Oil –  A younger appearance and a better skin texture

7. Your teeth will get whiter

Did you know about the effects of coconut oil on your teeth? Well, I didn’t. How incredible is that!
Coconut oil helps the body in assimilating calcium and magnesium a lot better, which is beneficial not only for your bones, yet also for your teeth. A possible tooth decay can be prevented through the amazing capacity of Coconut Oil. It’s natural antimicrobial, antiviral and antifungal properties contribute to your dental health.

Of course, you can use coconut oil as well external. It is also very popular for cosmetic purposes, for example, protects coconut oil your hair from breakage. Look at all these health benefits of coconut oil on skin! Pamper your feet, rub plenty of the oil over your feet, make it a pretty thick coat and leave it on overnight. Sleep with socks on! You will be in love with your feet and your baby soft heels the following morning.

8. How do I clean my teeth with coconut oil?

Cold coconut oil is solid, at room temperature, it becomes liquid. Take 2-3 spoons of the oil in your mouth, don’t swallow, just rinse the mouth for a few minutes.Spit it out and rinse your mouth with water.

Top Benefits of Coconut Oil
Cold coconut oil is solid, at room temperature it becomes liquid

You might think, that sounds disgusting. Rinsing with oil and that long as well! Don’t worry, the oil has got a yummy taste and the ‘oil drawing and flushing’ is one of the best methods to clean your interdental spaces.
Coconut oil has got a natural antibacterial effect. It removes dental plaque and fights bacterial infestations.

9.Household usage of Coconut Oil – Wood

Treat wooden items with coconut oil. Furniture, wooden cutting boards or even a wooden floor.You can use coconut oil on any non-varnished wooden surfaces.Treated surfaces cause water to repel and prevent rapid dirtying.

10. Stubborn adhesive label

Apply coconut oil all over the label, let it soak for a few minutes. You can then wipe off the oil with the label easily.

Top Benefits of Coconut Oil
We all know these little stubborn annoying bits that won’t come off 

I hope this article gave you some valuable new insights and enlightened you about the top benefits of Coconut Oil as well as the health benefits of coconut oil on the skinCheck out this amazing infographic to learn more about the use of coconut oil for your daily hair care by  Thank Your Skin

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Take good care of yourself!


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Beth (GrannyBeth3_
7 years ago

I love coconut oil and use it by the vat. I am a naturally wakeful person and have struggled with insomnia until I found this combination: teaspoon of coconut oil, salt, and honey an hour before bed. I slee[ easily now.

Stella the Travelerette
8 years ago

I had no idea coconut oil was so useful. I especially didn’t know you can use it to remove adhesive. I think it’s funny that people used to be scared of oils for being too fatty. Now we know that natural oils have lots of benefits

8 years ago

I learned some things i didn’t know. Do you have any recommendations as to how it add it to my diet? What do you add it to? I have a thyroid issue and need to support it a bit at the moment.

8 years ago

My Favorite! I use it for everything and its so good for your skin and hair. I haven’t used it in cooking i have to admit.