A Smile A Day Keeps The Doctor Away – The Wonderful Health Benefits of Smiling

A Smile a Day Keeps the Doctor Away 

A Smile A Day

The Wonderful Health Benefits of Smiling

Smiling is one of the few things that everyone can do to improve their quality of life. It has a surprisingly positive effect on your well-being and it can even infect others. Life is stressful and one of the few things we can do to brave that harsh reality is to work those muscles in your face and put on a smile. There has even been some scientific research on the health benefits of smiling. However crazy that may sound, it’s easy to see there’s some truth to it once you focus on smiling yourself. Read on and you will see, it’s not just about the apple – a smile a day does also keep the doctor away!

An apple A smile a day keeps the doctor away!

a smile a day keeps the doctor away

  • The wonderful health benefits of smiling:
  • I.     You release endorphins naturally by smiling
  • II.    Smiling is a natural treatment for depression and anxiety
  • III.   The importance of a smile academically proven
  • IV.    Smiling is infectious
  • V.     Smiles are very attractive
  • VI.    Become more approachable
  • VII.   Smiling makes you more productive
  • VIII.  It doesn’t cost anything to smile

I. Release Endorphins Naturally

When you move the muscles in your face and turn your mouth into a smile, endorphins are released which make us feel happy. Even putting on a fake or forced smile can release endorphins naturally to reduce stress, make us feel relaxed and give us a feeling of happiness. This is because the brain isn’t interpreting your actual feelings, all it cares about is the chemical that is released when your position your facial muscles in a particular way. In addition to wiping away stress and making us feel happy, these endorphins act as natural painkillers that can be an effective way to manage pain. In other words, you can quite literally laugh off mild pains.

II. Natural Treatment for Depression and Anxiety

Many people feel anxious when they smile. They might think they look silly when they force a smile, they might have bad teeth, or they might release some bad breath because they ate too much garlic last night and forgot to chew some gum before they came into work. This is completely normal, and anxiety is something that affects everyone. However, there are some simple ways to boost your confidence so that you feel brave enough to smile at anyone and everyone in the future. Brushing your teeth on a regular basis and maintaining good dental health can give you the confidence boost you need to smile more.

A Smile A Day
A smile a day  … a natural treatment for depression and anxiety

Alternatively, you can visit sites like  www.mydentalbrush.com/treatments/dental-implants/ e.g. to look up the possibility of dental implants that will give you a glowing smile. If you’re ever feeling anxious or stressed out, you can always pull off a smile to help reduce those negative effects.

 III. The Importance of a Smile Academically Proven

If you want to seem like an approachable and trustworthy person, then you need to smile. From a psychological perspective, the act of smiling makes you seem like someone who can be trusted as long as it’s not a sinister or forced smile. A study about the importance of a smile by the University of Pittsburgh found that there was a potential link between someone’s attractiveness and their credibility, and the bigger the smile, the more likely they would be trusted.

 IV. Smiling is Infectious

If you’ve ever watched a video and laughed because someone else did, or smiled because someone else on the street was smiling at you, then you’ll know what it feels like to become a victim of good vibes. The brain is a complex thing, but for some reason, it will always interpret someone else’s smile into good feelings that will also make you smile. Even if you’re in a bad situation, feeling stressed out or too tired to do anything, a smile will give you a quick boost of energy, good feelings and motivation to continue whatever you were doing.

 V. Smiles are Very Attractive

Did you know that smiling makes you more attractive? According to  http://reflectd.co/2013/08/27/just-smile-smiling-makes-you-more-attractive/, smiling is said to make you a little more attractive. There is also some psychology behind the act of a smile.

A smile a day keeps the doctor away
A smile a day keeps the doctor away – klaudiascorner.net

For instance, a study showed that men found women who smile to be more attractive because it can be interpreted as a sign of submission. It also shows that you have a sense of humour and that you’re more open to joking around and having fun. Smiling also gives you an air of confidence, which many people find to be attractive.

VI. Become More Approachable

If you show confidence by smiling, then don’t be surprised when more people approach you to speak to you or ask you for help at work. Smiling puts the people around you at ease because you look like you’re in control and you’re willing to speak to them. Compare that to someone who has their head down all the time and looks angry, and you’ll find that it’s much easier to speak to someone with a casual smile on their face as opposed to someone who looks like they’re ready to attack you. Smiling at work, in class or even when you go to the local supermarket will do wonders for your confidence and you might even make a few friends because of it.

 VII. Smiling Makes You More Productive

Because smiling, even a forced one, can boost your mood, it actually does wonders for your productivity and creativity. If you’re ever feeling a creative block or down because of an incident, simply force a smile to calm the nerves, relieve stress, and get back on track. Happiness is known to have a significant effect on the morale of a workforce in tough conditions, which explains why even a simple smile can have a huge effect on someone’s mood. On the contrary, frowning, stress and other negative emotions also have a link, meaning the opposite is also true.

 VIII. It Doesn’t Cost Anything to Smile

Smiling is a fantastic mood booster that works, but the best thing about it is that it’s free. Smiling doesn’t require you to spend money, it doesn’t require a time investment, and it doesn’t take much effort either. Simply move the muscles in your face, turn your frown upside down, and you’ll suddenly feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. It sounds silly, but it really does work, a smile a day does keep the doctor away as efficient as the apple. 

a smile a day keeps the doctor away
An apple a smile a day keeps the doctor away …

So next time you’re feeling a little stressed out or down, try to crack a smile and make eye contact with someone else in the office. Before you know it, your whole workplace will be lit up with happiness, smiles and laughter, and everyone will be in a better mood to finish the last few hours of work.

Keep smiling, it suits you best!

Take good care of yourself

Klaudia xx


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6 years ago

I try and smile a lot. It goes a long way with so many people.