A Week Away On Your Own – 4 Golden Rules For Your Health Retreat

A Week Away On Your Own

A Week Away On Your Own - 4 Golden Rules For Your Health Retreat
A week away solo – Golden rules for your health retreat  

 4 Golden Rules For Your Health Retreat

You don’t need to be a Michelin-starred chef to figure out that lack of sleep, skipping breakfast, staying up late and not exercising properly is a recipe for disaster! We need to come to terms with the fact that it’s ok to take a personal day once in awhile and, if necessary, go ahead and take some time for ourselves.

1.) Work Hard Play Hard

Sadly, we just can’t help but compare our lives with others. Whether it’s how much money we earn compared to our sister, or how the house looks compared to our neighbours’ shiny condo. The self-blame game gets worse when it comes to working. We brush off compliments like they’re nothing criticise or over analyse our contribution while feeling like everyone else is doing so much better than us. Stop right there! A week away not only allows you to relax and unwind, it’ll also recharge your batteries and allow you to cast a fresh eye over your career.

2.) Learn Something Every Day

Health retreats aren’t just about juice cleanse and weight loss, raw food and walking five miles a day.They’re also a chance for you to get out of your comfort zone and try something new! Lots of places offer a variety of health and wellbeing ideas like yoga, tai chi, meditation, life drawing, surfing and crystal therapy.

A Week Away On Your Own - 4 Golden Rules For Your Health Retreat

But you’ll also find more adventurous pursuits on offers like abseiling, wild camping and mountain biking. It all depends on what you enjoy doing. Take the time to refamiliarize yourself with something you once loved, be it playing the piano, bird watching or astronomy. Use this opportunity to discover what else you might be interested in as well as learning new skills that’ll enrich your life in other areas.

3.) Not Just You, Everyone’s New Here!

If you’re worried about heading off to a health retreat alone, don’t be! Everyone’s in the same boat, sometimes literally, and you’ll soon find yourself chatting with someone. Be it at the breakfast buffet, on the beach or even after evening meditation.

A Week Away
Meeting new interesting people, be it at the breakfast buffet or after meditation …

Don’t forget, everyone who comes to a health retreat is looking to improve their lives in some way or another. For many of us, going a week away solo gives us the chance to press the reset button and examine our life choices. There are also those who need some quiet time to make a big decision like moving away after the death of a loved one, deciding whether to sell the family business and go back to school. Whether or not to give their marriage one last chance or start planning on moving on after Divorce.

A Week Away
Examining life choices or moving on after divorce requires some quiet me time …

Whatever the reason it’s often during this time that we’re at our most vulnerable and so find it easier to open up and make new friends as adults.

4.) It’ll Become Second Nature Soon

At first, the timetable will seem overwhelming, the weight loss food plans weird and the idea of group meditation intimidating but once you’ve settled in you’ll find yourself looking forward to all these things. Soon, the idea of having a cup of green tea instead of coffee will become natural and you’ll wake up energised and ready to start the day!

Take Good Care of Yourself!

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