Am I Allergic To My Cat Or Dog?

 am I allergic to my cat or dog?

What if you’re allergic to your best friend …. looking to find him a new home, a new family, a new pack? Do you really have to get rid of your dear little loyal chap? 

Many people assume that it is the hair of felines and also dogs that trigger the allergy problem. This is not the case. It is actually a healthy protein irritant that exists in the animal’s sweat spit and also pee. Animals cleanse themselves consistently, resulting in these allergens coating the hair and skin cells.   

Am I allergic to my cat
 Am I allergic to my cat or dog? –

The small flakes shed from dead skin, fur or feathers are called dander. Pet dogs and also pet cats with dermatitis or other completely dry skin problems shed more skin, and thus generate even more dander. That’s why experts talk about animal dander allergy.

The production of allergens boosts as the pet matures. Some people find that they have the ability to endure kitty cats and also puppies, but not a lot more mature felines and also canines. Pet cats generate by much one of the most irritant allergen. Although the dog allergen appears to be much less potent, both irritants are small as well as light-weight, staying airborne for several hours. Pet dog irritants could linger in a house for lengthy periods of time, even after the pet has actually been removed  It is believed that the allergens can remain powerful for 6 months or more.

Am I allergic to my cat
Am I allergic to my cat or dog? –

Pet dog irritants can likewise be delivered to the office or home on the garments, footwear or hair of one other dog owner, or by means of main heating and air conditioning systems.The dander could accumulate in messy locations or upholstery, and also could be existing in pet urine stains from being saturated into carpets and floors. Consequently, reduced levels of allergens can stay for several years. The pet cat irritant has specifically ‘sticky’ residential properties, making it most likely to linger.

And if you are really allergic to your dear family pet 

  • A surfactant based cream can be rubbed onto the family pet weekly to minimize the allergens on the coat of the pet.
  • If you can, shower your feline twice a week. This is assumed to minimize cat allergens around your house by as much as 90%.
  • Vigorous cleaning strategies must consist of vacuuming with a high-efficiency vacuum and also damp dusting.
  • Pet bed linen ought to be washed frequently.
  • Wash any kind of washable material pillows and also cushions as well as keep carpets and home furnishings to a minimum.
Am I allergic to my cat
Always wash any kind of washable material pillows and also the cushions!

Make use of an air purifier either with a HEPA filter or one of the various other excellent quality air cleaners available.This will certainly eliminate the irritant from the air and also help to sustain lower degrees of irritant in the setting.

 Studies show that approximately 15 % of the population suffers from an allergy to a dog or cat, and about one-third of those with an allergy to cats choose to live in a household with a cat despite the allergy. Some allergy suffers live happily with a pet for a year or two before an allergy starts.

Am I allergic to my cat
Am I allergic to my cat?

There are sometimes long-term health ramifications of repeated allergy flare up’s, especially for children. One of the ways to live happily with an animal you are allergic to is to decrease your exposure to the animal.

If the allergy sufferer only has a mild reaction to the animal there are ways for the two of them to live together in harmony, but it takes work. The animal should not be allowed in the allergy sufferers bedroom or on the bed. The allergy sufferer should wash his or her face and hands after handling the animal.  

In some cases where the above methods and the use of over the counter antihistamines and decongestants do not help, the allergy sufferer may need to seek the help of an allergist. Immunotherapy can be thought of like a vaccination against your allergies. Given on a regular basis as shots, immunotherapy helps your body build up a natural tolerance to specific allergens. With making use of the above methods, you’ll be able to live a long and healthy life with your pet!  

Am I allergic to my cat
Best friends for a rabbit’s life

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7 years ago

My daughter worked as a vet assistant as part of her highschool co-op program 2 years ago. She fell in love with a kitten while working there and long story short, we adopted him into our family. Our son has cat allergies but strangely, has never been allergic to this cat. No sneezing, watery eyes or hives, thank goodness!!
My daughter moved away to university this past fall. When she came home during the holidays, she developed watery eyes and some light swelling on her cheek. I gave her an anti-histamine and guess what, that relieved the symptoms. She went back to school this past weekend and voila, the watery eyes and swelling has disappeared. So ironically, we think she has developed an allergy to the very cat she got us to adopt.

So when she comes back home in the Spring, I will be trying some of your tips!! Thanks!