Are You Happy With Your Life? 4 Surprising Everyday Habits That Build Your Happy Place

Are You Happy With Your Life?

Are you Happy with Your Life?
Are you happy with your Life?  –

4 Surprising Everyday Habits that Build Your Happy Place

For a lot of people, life is about the pursuit of happiness. But when it comes to defining what happiness means, most individuals find themselves speechless. In a recent article – see here – we’ve discussed how setbacks in your life don’t have to mean that your chance of happiness is destroyed. Setbacks are opportunities to change things for the best. It’s about how to be happy with what you’ve got, how to be happy with yourself. 

Are you happy with your Life?
Are you happy with your Life? –  How to be happy with Yourself

Misery only happens in passivity, when you let bad things happen to you, and you don’t use them to bounce off. In short, happiness is above all a state of mind. But it is a state of mind that you can build gradually into your life, by developing the right habits.

#1. Do some Sports

Keeping an active lifestyle makes you genuinely happy, as activities help your body to release the endorphin, which is also labeled the happy hormone. However, you will need to be active for over 30 minutes for the happy hormone to kick in. But more importantly, sport is key to release the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety.

Are You Happy With Your Life?

If you are not a regular gym member, you should be looking at the purchase of some home exercise fitness equipment, such as a bike and its stationary stand as seen here, or a treadmill. This will give you the possibility to sweat your stress or your anger off. Or maybe a pair of trainers are all you need if you’re an outdoors runner. Whatever your pick. Exercise is essential to keep your cool.  

#2. Make Your Bed In The Morning

You may wonder why you should make your bed in the morning. This might sound like the kind of things that your parents used to tell you when you were younger. In truth, a cluttered room can upset and stress the mind. Making your bed is the simplest way to make your bedroom feel a lot more welcoming. You will feel more relaxed when you go to go at night, and therefore you will have a better night sleep. Additionally, the anti-clutter rule is valid for the entire home. Keep things clear and clean, and your mind will feel clearer too.

#3. Eat your Fruits & Vegs

You’ve heard it in the past: Eating your fruits and vegs is part of a healthy diet. However, what you might not have heard is that eating more fruits and vegetables can lead you to feel an increase in life satisfaction. While this may take some time to develop, healthy eating boosts your happiness faster than it improves your health.

Are You Happy With Your Life
Eating your fruits and vegs is part of a healthy diet

Indeed, pigments called carotenoids, which can be found in some fruits and vegetables, are directly associated with a higher level of optimism. Additionally, an increased intake of vitamin B12 from the new diet boost the serotonin in the brain, which is responsible for regulating the mood.

#4. Talk to Others

Finally, social interactions are essential to your everyday life. Whether you ask the barista for a coffee or you meet up with a friend for lunch, talking generates a positive reaction in your brain.

Are You Happy With Your Life
Are you happy with your life? – Social interactions are essential to your life

It makes you feel connected to others. Feeling part of something bigger, your community, encourages a sensation of satisfaction and optimism.

So, are you happy with your life?

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