Beautiful Reasons Why You Should Stop Smoking

Beautiful Reasons Why You Should Stop Smoking

Smoking is one of those strange pastimes that everyone knows is not good for them, but they still continue to do it. You can talk with a smoker about lung damage symptoms, cancer, the signs of strokes, and it has no effect. However, let’s forget about the terrible health consequences of smoking, for a moment. It’s also worth pointing out that smoking hurts your overall appearance too. And, all it takes to look younger and more vibrant is to quit. Here are five beauty-based reasons to toss the cigs in the bin.

 Reasons Why You Should Stop Smoking
Beautiful Reasons Why You Should Stop Smoking

You will have nicer eyes

Cigarette smoke causes damage everywhere, but because we can’t see it, we don’t know how bad it is. But, one area that it soon becomes apparent is beneath the eyes. Smoking causes damage to the delicate eye tissue and can cause wrinkles, lines, and bags. There is research that suggests this damage may not be permanent, but the quicker you quit, the more likely your eyes will look better.

Smoking causes damage to the delicate eye tissue. Wrinkles and lines , smoking causes them everywhere.
Smoking causes damage to the delicate eye tissue. Wrinkles and lines, smoking causes them everywhere

You will have fewer wrinkles

While we’re on the subject of wrinkles and lines, smoking causes them everywhere. The result is that you look a lot older than you might be. You will start to lose elasticity at an earlier age, and start to look wrinkled – or maybe even a little baggy. Smoking can also cause other signs of ageing, from little liver spots to pale, washed-out colouring. There’s so much indoor and outdoor air pollution already causing damage to your skin – why cause more?  


Your breath will be sweeter

Let’s not beat around the bush, here: cigarette smoke smell is horrendous. And , every time you pop out for a cigarette while out with the girls , you will smell a little like an ashtray. Mints can help , of course – but they only disguise the smell. Your best bet is to quit altogether, or at the very least , try vaping. The flavours are much nicer, and there are plenty of options available to you. I took a look at, to see what to expect. I saw blueberry, ice cream, and golden syrup flavours, amongst many others. Not only is vaping healthier than smoking ( hm, so they say ) but it’s also a lot nicer on your breath, that’s for sure!

reasons why you should stop smoking
Beautiful Reasons Why You Should Stop Smoking , your breath will be sweeter !


Your smile will be brighter

I know a lot of smokers that can’t stand the yellow and brown staining on the teeth. But, that’s not their only problem. The chemicals in cigarette smoke can also lead to the gums receding – and they will never get back to normal. If you want better teeth, and you smoke, there is only one option. Teeth whitening can hide your problems for a while, but you have to quit if you want your gums to stop receding.

reasons why you should stop smoking
Beautiful Reasons Why You Should Stop Smoking

Your hair and nails will be healthier

Hair and nails are delicate – and all that smoke isn’t doing them any favours. Both can get dry and brittle, and appear much older than they should. And, of course, the burning tobacco can cause staining to them as well. As we age, we all worry about our hair and nails, but you can stop a lot of damage, just stop the nicotine habit. I hope I could inspire you to give up smoking? Please let me know in the comments

Thanks a lot for reading, 

Klaudia xx

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6 years ago

I think the first and most important thing why a woman should stop smoking is because it makes her ugly. A woman that smokes is ugly, has no femininity and her breath smells.

6 years ago

I believe aside from these factors you have mentioned, you also get to have a healthier body. There are more positive reasons why people should stop smoking and embrace a healthier life.

6 years ago

I’m thankful I never had the impulse or social pressure to smoke. There really is nothing to gain from the habit!

6 years ago

Did you actually write this post for me? I am in the process of quitting smoking!

6 years ago

such pretty good reasons to really stop smoking. My husband smoked before. Thankfully he stopped when he noticed his fingers were turning yellow maybe because of holding those cigarette buds. He could also smell his breath and he wasnt happy with that. I also believe i can stop if he wants to.