Becoming a Successful Blogger in 2022

Becoming a Successful Blogger in 2022

Starting a blog is easy but making it into a lucrative career choice is tricky. Many people are trying out their luck in blogging, making this profession saturated. As a result, it is quite hard to make an impact in this field but, as with anything else in life, if you push hard enough, you will succeed. However, don’t let this discourage you, being persistent and making all the right choices will turn into great rewards. In this article, you will find some top tips on becoming a successful blogger and how to turn your blogging side hustle into a legitimate career. 

Becoming a Successful Blogger in 2022
Becoming a successful blogger in 2022 – Blogging tips by Peter Minkoff

 Choose the right topic

Choose a topic in which you are well-versed. You don’t have to be an expert to pick topics to write about, you can always do more research and educate yourself further. However, you will lose a lot of time if you begin with a topic with which you are unfamiliar. Furthermore, make sure that your topic piques others’ interests. It seems too obvious, right?

You will be surprised at how many new bloggers wonder why they can’t get any readers. However, what skips their mind is that their topic is highly unusual and unrelatable, like “antique roof guttering”. You should also ask yourself whether your topic is profitable. It’s best to choose a niche that can be easily monetized, especially if you’re going to measure your blog’s success in terms of profit. Is your selected topic already generating revenue for other bloggers? If this is the case, you may have struck gold.

 Think about branding

It’s imperative to pick a personal domain name that reflects your blog’s topic. It doesn’t have to be the finest name out there but it should be simple and catchy. Decide on your blog’s design, colour scheme, and typeface and stick to them. This way, you’ll have a consistent brand message and will be quicker to recognize. Having an extremely recognizable blog is crucial. Develop a logo you will display on your website and other social platforms. You can build one yourself for free using Canva or hire a professional designer on Fiverr. However, when hiring a professional, be careful that their vision aligns with yours and that your stylistic ideas are relatively similar. Look at their portfolio to get a better idea of what their style is like.

 Write amazing content for your readers

The first thing on your to-do list should be to research the common concerns of people who are interested in the subject of your blog. Thankfully, this is rather easy to do nowadays with the help of social media and forums. Be careful to write down the ideas which pop into your head into a handy notebook.

Becoming a Successful Blogger in 2022
The first thing on your to-do list should be to research the common concerns of your targeted audience…

When you start turning your ideas into content, try to write in the style which will be the most approachable to your audience. If you have a lifestyle blog, don’t use highly technical terms. Another great tip is to make use of empty space. Separate your article into multiple short paragraphs that are easy to skim through.

 Don’t forget about advertising

The best way to accumulate readership is to spread the word about your blog as far as you can. Make use of forums relating to your niche and place an ad. Tell your friends and acquaintances about your blog-writing venture through your personal social media. Encourage your followers to share your best articles to get the most clicks. Write guest posts! Paid advertising is also an amazing option if you’d like to get a lot of clouts as quickly as possible.

Becoming a successful blogger can turn into a pretty lucrative business…

Writing a blog can be a great side hustle that can, in time, turn into a lucrative business. When you choose the topic you love the most, the next step is to think about your branding and execute it in style. Staying consistent and promoting your blog are great ways to amass readers. Having said all that, writing relatable and easy-to-read content is highly important if you want to become successful in this ever-growing line of work.

Make use of Peter’s tips and good luck to you!

Klaudia xx


Becoming a Successful Blogger in 2022
Tips on becoming a successful blogger in 2022 by Peter Minkoff  –  Pinterest image ©


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