Best Bedroom Ideas – Bedroom Decorating Tips To Make The Most Of Your Space

Best Bedroom Ideas 


Bedroom Decorating Tips to make the most of your Space 

Bedrooms are notorious for lack of space. And it could be because they tend to be kept away from the general public – or visitors as they are otherwise known – and only used for a small portion of the day (during most of which our eyes are closed). When we leave in the morning, shut the door behind us, and get on with our day, our bedroom doesn’t really come into our thoughts. And so we forget…

Until we go to bed at night, open the door, and remember that we really wanted to do something about the lack of storage as we tiptoe around the clothing, books, and other detritus that cover the floor.

best bedroom ideas

It isn’t even necessarily to do with the size of the room – it is simply that we haven’t thought about storage solutions properly. You could have a tiny single bed or one of Bedstars fabulous super kingsize bed frames and it wouldn’t make any difference (other than the fact that you’d be a lot more comfortable with a super king bed frame than without).

best bedroom ideas

But there are ways around this problem. Storage issues can be solved. And they’ll look great too !

The best bedroom ideas & decorating tips:


A Small Nightstand

Although it might be tempting to do away with a small nightstand altogether to save space, you’re actually losing potential storage – so it’s best to keep it in the room. What you can do is find a stand that mounts on the wall, keeping your floor space clear yet still giving you an additional cupboard or drawer to keep those bits and pieces in. Plus, if you install your bedroom lamp on the wall too, the top of your nightstand becomes freer.

best bedroom ideas


Bedroom Shelves

As long as they don’t encroach into the room too much or cause a health and safety issue because they are in the wrong place, shelves can be a really very useful solution too. Perfect for books, magazines, even clothing if you fold it really neatly, these shelves can be exactly the solution you are looking for. You could even consider hanging your shelves across the entire length or width – or both – of the room if they are up high enough. That’s a huge amount of storage space gained without taking up any space in the room.

best bedroom ideas


 Drop Down Desk

For many of us, the bedroom can also double as an office or study – or at least the place where we log on and browse the net for a little while. Do you use a desk to do that? It’s a good idea for your health and your body, but not so great when it comes to the space you’re taking up in your bedroom. So what’s the alternative? As long as you’re happy to perch on the edge of your bed (assuming there is literally no space for a chair), you could install a drop down desk that folds neatly up against the wall when you don’t want it anymore.

Best Bedroom Ideas



A chest of drawers is useful, but it’s not always practical. Instead, a row of cabinets installed above the bed where you don’t need to walk is a great idea. But do make sure they are installed securely – and if you’re not a handyman or woman then you might want to ask someone who is. You don’t want these falling on you in the night.

best bedroom ideas
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Finally, keeping the colour palette of your bedroom light and bright will make it look much bigger. Plus, it will be a calming, comfortable space to relax in.

best bedroom ideas

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