Best Family Vacation Destinations • Top 10 Must-Visit Places in The USA

Best Family Vacation Destinations

 top 10 must-visit places in the usa

The USA is a vast country, abundant with possibilities for adventure, self-growth, and relaxation. Plus, there are so many places worth visiting: from lounging at the beaches to mountains, canyons, and beautiful islands, the USA has everything for everyone. Therefore, if you’re looking to have a fun-filled road trip, or you just feel like travelling across this amazing country, here are 10 of the best family vacation destinations and top US destinations that you should check out if you ever happen to be there. 

1. new york city, new york 

Abundant with history, art, music, and everything in-between, this multimillion city is perfect if you want to experience the best that America has to offer. You can either enjoy experimental art and music or go do more “touristy” things, such as visiting the Empire State Building or MoMA.

Best Family Vacation Destinations • 10 Top Must-Visit Places in The USA
Best family vacation destinations in the US • 10 must-visit places listed by Peter Minkoff

If you prefer to be more mobile, independent and explore everything yourself, check out bike rental in New York and get ready to fall in love with New York City! There are so many things to see, so keep in mind you’ll need a few days at least. 

2. washington, d.c.

The official capital of the country, Washington, should definitely be on your to-see list. Simply, there’s the White House, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial, which are all integral parts of US history. If you love art, then feel free to check out one of the numerous Smithsonian museums. If weather permits, feel free parks and other green areas. 

Best Family Vacation Destinations • 10 Top Must-Visit Places in The USA
The official capital of the country definitely belongs to the top US destinations to be visited.

3. las vegas, nevada

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. However, you don’t need to give into debauchery and overspending if you want to experience Las Vegas in its full glory. Aside from lavish casinos and bars on the Strip, you can also do some sightseeing by helicopter or hiking. However, if you want to try your luck in casinos, be sure to set your budget and practice self-discipline. 

Best Family Vacation Destinations • 10 Top Must-Visit Places in The USA
What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

4. miami, florida 

Another slightly infamous place on this list, Miami is often synonymous with pretty people, partying, and amazing food. In case you love clubbing, wild nightlife, and water activities, then Miami will be the place for you. Besides, it’s such a wonderful melting pot, so chances are, you’ll enjoy the diversity of cultures, languages, and cuisines. 

Miami is often synonymous with pretty people, partying, and amazing food

5. san francisco, california 

San Francisco, unlike more popular LA, is known for its free-spirited culture and pleasant climate. Its history is rich with social movements, but the city itself has a plethora of sights and experiences worth your time, such as the Golden Gate Bridge and cable car rides. In the past twenty years, the city has become more synonymous with nearby Silicon Valley, located in San Francisco Bay Area.

Best Family Vacation Destinations • 10 Top Must-Visit Places in The USA
Silicon Valley located in San Francisco Bay Area.

6. honolulu, hawaii 

Hawaii is a true American paradise, which is why its capital, Honolulu, is on this list. If you enjoy swimming and other beach activities, then you should definitely visit the famous Waikiki Beach. However, Hawaii is usually full of tourists, so if you prefer something more secluded, then feel free to check out Kalama Park or Waimanalo Bay Beach Park. Those who love history and cultural sights will also enjoy visiting Pearl Harbor National Memorial. 

7. los angeles, california 

This list would be incomplete without Los Angeles, that’s just a fact. The city that’s all about glitz, glamour and fame, so if you grew up watching movies, then you surely must check out this unique city. From Hollywood Hills, Sunset Strip Blvd, to Venice Beach and Disneyland Resort, LA is abundant with wonderful sights and places that are definitely ingrained in collective consciousness all over the globe, all due to the popularity of the Hollywood movie industry. 

Universal Studios, Los Angeles LA

8. outer banks, north carolina

This region has 200 miles of barrier islands, therefore, if you love scuba diving and snorkelling, then this is a place worth visiting. There are about 3000 offshore shipwrecks that can be seen by diving, however, if you love visiting famous historical spots, then you should definitely see the site where the Wright brothers tried their first flight with an airplane. 

The Outer Banks, North Carolina

9. seattle, washington 

Fans of grunge music, Starbucks and rain should definitely go to Seattle, at least for a day or two. Seattle Art Museum is the perfect place for all art buffs, and those who prefer outdoor activities should go hike Mount Si’s trails. Also, if you love mingling with locals, then don’t miss going to Pike Place market. 

Best Family Vacation Destinations •
Seattle Pike Place Farmers Market

10. yellowstone national park 

The USA is home to many national parks, which are the reason alone to visit this country. Yellowstone is the first national park, located in Wyoming, Idaho and Montana. Glacier Point and Half Dome are well-known sites. But, there are also 900 miles of hiking trails, geysers and hot springs, which is a perfect way of having fun for all nature lovers. 

Yellowstone National Park


The USA has so many destinations that are worth visiting, but these 10 should be on your list if you ever decide to visit this gorgeous country. You’ll likely have a wonderful time, because you’ll not only have fun, but you’ll also learn so much, which will help you grow as a person. 

Have a safe journey and a wonderful time,

Klaudia xx
Best Family Vacation Destinations • Top 10 Must-Visit Places in The USA
Best Family Vacation Destinations • Top 10 must-visit places in the USA listed by Peter Minkoff – Pinterest image ©



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