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Best Organic Makeup Guide/ Smart & Chic

  Article by guest author Peter Minkoff

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best organic makeup
Best Organic Makeup Guide / Smart & Chic

Best organic makeup guide ~ a guest post by Peter Minkoff  ( chief editor at High Style Life ) In the sea of hot topics people are facing nowadays , the matter of eco-conscious movement takes a special spot for us. The idea is to oust all the toxic elements that are harmful to the environment and humans and resort to natural choices.

The past couple of years behind us are characterized by a pervading consciousness concerning the significance of organic farming. The green notion is spreading to other aspects of life , and the discoveries related to dangers of chemical-packed cosmetics have grown into a pressing issue. You must be wondering , is organic really healthier ?


How they make it

Real organic products are based on naturally gained components in entirety. The label stating the item is 100% organic-made translates into complete organic content, not including the salt and water. However, if it merely reads organic, you should expect only 95% of the product to be of organic origin, while the remaining 5% is usually checked by the Department of Agriculturebest organic makeup

Next , provided the description states the goods are made with organic elements , this should mean the organic content is kept at the minimum of 70%. The label of such products is free to mention up to 3 of its organic components on the front panel. Still, something called organic is not always to be equated with skin-proof material. Learn how the structure makes a difference.

best organic makeup
Best organic makeup guide – Is organic really healthier ?


The common ingredients and harmful substances

I bet you got into the marathon of reading the listed ingredients and product description of the bathroom cosmetic paraphernalia at least once . I often encounter Cocamidopropyl betaine , and many of the formulas are cryptic. The most probable case with these is , if you’re struggling to pronounce it , it is probably laboratory-made.

Now, we wouldn’t bash new scientific accomplishments if the ingredients listed didn’t get linked to numerous cancers , such as breast and skin kind. The common part of our beloved saucepans , Polytetrafluoroethylene is a menace in disguise. The use of foundations and blushes made with PTFE is connected with the following adverse outcomes:

  • interrupted menstrual cycle
  • impaired breast growth
  • breast cancer

The same can be said for parabens , talc (inducing ovarian cancer) and phthalates (affecting the reproductive function). It’s advisable you read up the labels thoroughly to avoid contact with these substances.

best organic makeup
Best Organic Makeup Guide / Smart & Chic       by P.Minkoff


The intelligent and chic choices

Luckily , not all is lost and saying goodbye to your favourite makeup is not necessary. There are several names in the industry that started fair and square with organic and they have stayed true to themselves. I’ve recently tested out of the Youngblood mineral makeup and it proved to be a great representative of the mineral-based cosmetics. It gives you this luxurious, light-reflecting effect with other enviable characteristics such as the absence of artificial dyes and fragrances  , oil-free structure and steady coverage. It’s also in the human range , and that means a lot to me.

best organic makeup
all natural lipstick with jojoba oil

To stay truly organic , shorten the list of your basics: a simple mascara, all natural lipstick with jojoba oil and a set for perfect complexion and contouring.

Homemade alternatives

The recipe I found utilizes arrowroot (for the base) and cocoa powder, nutmeg or ground cinnamon. Experiment with other natural pigments to find the right ratio for your skin tone. To keep it together use olive or almond oil. Start with five droplets and slowly add more until you reach the wanted texture.

best organic makeup

As you can notice , being fashionable and true to our natural roots is not impossible. Evading health hazards of the standard makeup has become much easier. Opt for products in the certified organic line and your skin will thank you.

Thanks a lot for reading , and a very special thanks to Peter Minkoff for this excellent article !


copyright article : Peter Minkoff

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4 years ago

[…] On the other hand, you should avoid applying too much makeup, since that can easily turn into a cakey mess that’s anything but attractive. Opt for a natural, dewy look that includes nude lips, black mascara, slightly contoured cheeks, and a touch of blush for a healthy appearance, and you’re good to go. When it comes to your hair, you can always pick a classy and sleek updo, since it’ll perfectly match your elegant outfit and a neutral makeup look. […]

6 years ago

I love makeup for eyes. You have done so fantastic makeup on eyes. Eyes are looking elegant.

She Joh
7 years ago

I’m always trying to make improvements with the products I use, one product at a time. I found your article to be very informative and learned some information I hadn’t heard before. Thanks for sharing your wisdom!

7 years ago

I’m not into make up but anyway I’ll just share your review to my wife and friends.

Dominic Barrios
7 years ago

Ever since my wife and I had a child, we’ve been really cautious with these harmful chemicals that can be found all over our usual products that we buy on grocery stores. Today, we’re already slowly shifting to natural / organic products especially for our daughter. As for my wife’s make-up, I do know that she already has a set of organic makeup that she uses.

Style With Tina
Style With Tina
7 years ago

I love this post because I am pro organic and cruelty free make up. Thank you for the tips and thoughts! 🙂

7 years ago

I’d say this is an excellent article. Organic does not necessarily mean organic. That is the first thing one needs to understand. With that as a basis, then looking at the ingredients is the next thing to do. Unfortunately, there are far more people who go for looks rather than safety when it comes to using products.

7 years ago

i am not much into make up but should i buy one, i prefer those with organic ingredients. I have sensitive skin and wouldnt want to go through the breakout years again.

7 years ago

Love this innovation. Have been looking for a guide on how to get or make organic make up. Staying beautiful physically and keeping the care in the environment are perfect blend.

7 years ago

It’s good to know that big brands have started to use organic ingredients for their makeup products. I like a lot Urban Decay and I know that they are turning towards organic ingredients. They are also against animal testing.

7 years ago

I am glad that you broke it down about the organic makeup. I have heard and even used organic makeup but I am not strict on it. I have my favorite products and I find that I stick to those more than worrying about if they are organic. But now you have me thinking. I will definitely check out the ingredients that they have in them!

Orana Velarde
7 years ago

As a makeup artist I can say that it really is important to use natural products, unfortunately it’s not completely possible for photoshoot or film makeup because natural and organic makeup has a short life on your skin. Thanks for the great article, I have used cocoa powder before as dry shampoo and I smelled great all day!

Stella the Travelerette
Stella the Travelerette
7 years ago

Very interesting! I never thought of making my own foundation! It’s scary to think of how many chemicals are in our cosmetics. It’s nice to know that there are some brands out there that are not harmful or potentially dangerous.

7 years ago

I’ve been extremely careful about my makeup, body washes and shampoo for years. Several months of learning about everything in them, reading about how cosmetic companies work, labeling requirements etc were VERY interesting a few years back. I try and source my own natural oils for various things, and by my mineral makeup from a chemical free company. I’ve avoided talc like the plague for years, but so many people are still completely unaware of its drawbacks…. and most face powders and blushers I pick up (from normal ranges) still contain it. Amazing what we can do to ourselves without even knowing it if we’re unaware.

7 years ago

crazy isn’t how many harmful chemicals are passed through, scary even. I love makeup especially mineral makeup. I’ve noticed that beauty products have been having a more natural ingredients trend.