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Healthy & Happy at Home during Summer

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If you live somewhere that gets pretty hot during summer, it’s so important that you take the right steps to staying healthy and happy. Even if you don’t live somewhere that gets super hot, you can use these tips to help you feel great. Read on to find out how to keep your house cool for summer and stay as healthy as possible during the summer months:


1. Drink Plenty Of Water

It is absolutely vital to stay hydrated during summer, so make sure you drink plenty of water or tea. Ideally, the water should be filtered to get the most health benefit from it. If you don’t like plain water, you can always add some fresh fruit slices to spice it up a bit, maybe even some mint. Just make sure you don’t drink the kind that’s full of sugar and additives!

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2. Light Easy Meals

Comfort food should automatically become less appealing during summer. We’re out of hibernation, so it makes sense to eat light easy meals. This is why salads and meals that are full of vegetables are great. They’ll fill you up without weighing you down or making you feel bad. Make the most of the hot weather and eat more cold food, you will find plenty of raw food recipes online.

Better Homes And Gardens
Staying Healthy & Happy during Summer with Light Easy Meals


3. Fruit And Vegetable Gardening For Beginners

And as we are talking about salads and vegetables, why not growing your own food? Gardening is one of the most unbelievably healthy hobbies you can ever take up. Getting out into the fresh air, enjoying some sunlight, and losing yourself in gardening can be looked at as a meditative activity. Not only that, you’ll know exactly where your fruits and vegetables come from. You won’t need to worry about any dangers, and you’ll likely eat more colorful stuff too. Not forgetting that you could potentially save a lot of money on your food shop too!


4.  Aircon Servicing & Maintenance

Make sure your home is a suitable temperature by installing aircon or performing maintenance on your aircon. Depending on where you are in the world, some places can get uncomfortably hot. This can lead to sweating, becoming more dehydrated, and much more severe health issues. Keep your house cool for summer! You can learn more here from


5. Outdoor – Fitness Exercises For Women

Who wants to be cooped up in a gym when the weather is so good? Make the most of it by working out in your garden, or anywhere else outdoors you can find that is suitable. You can do yoga, stretching, gymnastics or even find a sturdy tree and do things like pull-ups. Just don’t forget to apply your SPF to protect your skin before you get out there!

How To Get Your Home Organized for Summer
Better Homes And Gardens – Enjoying Fitness Exercises For Women


6. Consider Insect And Pest Control

It’s normal to want to keep your windows and doors open at this time of year, but you should make sure you watch out for pests. Make sure you do what you can to your home to keep them at bay, making sure you keep it as clean and tidy as possible. They love dried food and old rubbish!

Better Homes And Gardens
Better Homes And Gardens –  Consider Insect And Pest Control

You should also make sure you’re careful in your garden, and if you have pets! Keep your bins away from your home to avoid inviting them in too. This is a must for a healthy home!


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