Big little lie , life’s daily little fibs …

Big little lie , life’s daily little fibs…


the little things we lie to ourselves about …



‘Big little lie’ … the little things we lie to ourselves about …



Big little lie

If you tell a lie to yourself , but no one else is around to hear it, does it still count ? As ridiculous as that sounds , it seems as though there are things that we keep denying .  Chances are that since we lie to ourselves, it’s easier to get away with certain lunacies because we don’t have to be accountable to anyone but ourselves . I don’t think its a necessarily a bad thing, but it might not be the best thing either. Here are some examples what most people lie to themselves about.



” Happiness “


Big little lie …

Are you happy in life ? I mean really happy , or do you know how to get happy in life ? Sometimes , pretending to be happy is an easier solution than having to face the things that are affecting our life . We can keep smiling , until we turn in to bed , but our minds begin to wander about our lives . Sometimes we’re not as happy as we pretend to be, but don’t want anybody to know about . To keep up the good appearance seems to be vital .



How Hypocritical We Are “


Big little lie , life's daily little fibs
How hypocritical are we ?

I always find it oddly funny , when people complain about things other people do , not realizing that they are doing the same .  It reminds me of that saying of , when you’re pointing at someone , three more fingers are pointing at you ! A lot of people disclaim about their own flaws and can only focus on others’ so extremely . I think , that the reason why is , because we know our own reasons for why we do some of the annoying things , that we do  “I chew gum obsessively to keep myself from smoking ”  for example or name any other of our little annoying quirks . But we always have a good reason for whatever we do , we see our behavior as a “dilly little adorable spleen ” , while when others do the same it’s a whole different story. However , since we don’t know the backstory on others’ behaviors , it’s a lot easier to  judge them.


” Wanting Recognition “


Even though there‘s something that I find irritating about the whole “social media” fame craze , the basis of it is something that doesn’t cause me to be as annoyed as I could be with the people who pursue it . I think , that we all have a need to want to be recognized. Maybe not for any silly “talent” ( like taking the best duck face selfies or publishing lunch and dinner photos )   but for your work , your drive, your ambition , your empathy,  your generosity , and everything else in between . I personally think , that recognition only becomes problematic , if we take infamous and malicious routes rather than outstanding ones .  There is nothing wrong or strange in the desire to be appreciated , we all long for compliments and attention . It is the ” individual input” that makes the difference.


” Just One More “


Big little lie , life's daily little fibs
Just one more



Whether it’s one more ” potato chip …  one more” level to a game ” …  or watching one more” Youtube video”…  not even talking about the one more “drink” when it’s time to go home ;  it’s hard to stop. Still a little lie though , as if we didn’t  know , it wouldn’t be that last “one more” one , the moment we proclaimed it ?  But it’s okay because the extra one was always worth it , wasn’t it ?! 





Big little lie , life's daily little fibs
Life’s daily little lies in our relationship


” Relationships “


I don’t know anyone , who hasn’t stayed in at least one relationship too long just because they didn’t want to face the fact that they were no longer happy with that person.
There’s a negative “tag” that people tend to put on themselves if they fail at anything , especially at relationships . We sometimes rather stay too long with someone , who we should have cut ties with long ago , and claim things about waiting for them to live up to their potential .



Big little lie ... life's daily little fibs
Big little lie .. life’s daily little fibs

” Feeling Insecure “


You know that person who you just can’t stand ? You might not know why you don’t like him or her  ,  but there’s something about them , that just really bothers you and might leave you insecure about their attitudes and actions . Insecurity can be such a heavy mask to wear, but we can try to lighten the load by projecting a feeling of negativity toward the persons who make us feel less about ourselves . So instead of owning up to  “I’m feeling insecure about myself ” , we lash out with unfounded irritation at someone else quiet ofden.



Big little lie
…what if ?

However, we’ve got to get to the point that we need to live up to the truth .
Life is too short to keep fooling around and deceiving , stay focussed on what makes you happy , grab chances and make the best of it , but most of all ….stay truthfully to yourself . It might seem to be the more uncomfortable way of living , but it will make you feel good in your skin after all .


Big little lie , life’s daily little fibs …


These Little Lies  ~  Dave Barnes     YouTube


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6 years ago

Lol, Todd, I am guilty of more than a few! As i get older i find it easier to be more honest, both with myself and others. Great post and thought proving topic, Claudia.

7 years ago

Great post! A lot of truth here Claudia. I see it all the time with relationships that people stay in too long, and people feeling insecure. I am even guilty of a few of these things. Great post and thanks for sharing. 🙂