Simple Steps to Boosting Your Metabolism and Burning Additional Fat



Simple Steps to Boosting Your Metabolism

And Burning Additional Fat


Boosting your metabolism and burn additional fat has never been more important, a whole ‘ junk food generation ‘ face diabetes time bomb!

Boosting Your Metabolism and Burn Additional Fat


Hate dieting? You’re not alone. If there’s one thing most people dread more than anything, cutting calories is it. But, if you want to lose weight and tone up your body, you know that you must consume fewer calories each day than you burn off. Now, rather than focusing on continually decreasing your calorie intake, how about you focus on the other element of that equation – increasing your daily output? This is a far more effective and enjoyable way to lose weight and if you go about it in the right manner, will produce superior results as well. If you use the follow simple tips you can quickly increase your metabolic rate, which is what determines how many calories your body burns off daily.If that sounds like something you’re interested in, pay attention to the following ideas :

Eat More Protein 

The very first thing that you should do if you want to ramp up your metabolism instantly is to eat more protein. Many women, unfortunately, don’t get enough protein with their fat loss diet and this really causes them to see a decline in results.

For every 100 calories worth of protein-rich food that you eat, your body will actually only ‘net’ about 75 of those calories. If you were to take in those same 100 calories worth of carbs or dietary fats, however, you would net at a total of 94 or 98 of those calories. See the difference?

By eating protein-rich foods more often you’re essentially boosting your metabolic rate by 25% so this is a very fast and effective way to melt fat faster.

Boosting Your Metabolism
Boosting your metabolism by eating protein-rich foods

Spicy Foods 

If you can handle your food with a kick, spicy foods are definitely the way forward when it comes to weight loss. Peppers, in particular, are excellent at raising body temperature and in turn, boosting metabolism to burn more calories. If you’re brave enough, try adding chillies such as jalapenos, cayenne chillies and habaneros to your meals and enjoy the benefits of increased fat burning.

Boosting Your Metabolism
Boosting Your Metabolism

High Fibre Foods 

High fibre foods not only help to aid digestion they help the food move quickly through the digestive tract which means we absorb fewer calories. Fibre-rich foods can also help us to feel fuller, meaning we eat less between meals. Examples of foods rich in fibre include oatmeal, whole grains, broccoli, strawberries, raspberries and brown rice.

Boosting Your Metabolism
Boosting Your Metabolism

Perform High-Intensity Exercise

Boosting Your Metabolism

Second, the next thing that you should do to elevate your metabolism is to perform higher intensity exercise. The great thing about high-intensity exercise is not only is it going to whip you into shape faster, but it’ll dramatically reduce the time you have to spend in the gym as well. If you’re doing a high-intensity workout, whether it’s with your cardio training or your weightlifting workout session, you can get in and out of the gym in as little as 20-25 minutes. For anyone with a busy schedule, this is definitely the way to go. What’s more is that after that high-intensity workout, your metabolism will stay elevated for up to 48 hours. This means you’ll be burning extra fat while watching your favourite TV show later on in the evening.

Appropriate Metabolism Booster Supplements 

The third way to increase your metabolism is to consider an effective supplement that works to stimulate the metabolism so you burn more calories at all times.There are many metabolism boosting diet pills out there on the market. One of the best-known metabolism boosters is caffeine! Caffeine increases the amount of energy used by your body, plus it can give you more energy to exercise. Avoid metabolism boosters that solely contain caffeine, though – too much can make you feel jittery.





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Roy Miller
7 years ago

I know that I don’t eat enough protein and way too many carbs and sugar. I am in the process of trying to eliminate sugar, reduce carbs and eat more protein. I do like oatmeal for breakfast. No milk, butter or sugar. Slowly started exercising by walking.

GiGi Eats
7 years ago

You definitely do not have to tell me to eat more protein! 😉

7 years ago

My weigh its like a yo-yo…..Always up and down! I have got to get this under control. Thanks for this awesome post!

Carol Cassara
8 years ago

I’m with you on almost all of these, just not the supplements. Supplements are not benign, even if natural-can be a big problem if you are taking any kind of prescription Rx. I have to take BP drugs. Any metabolism boosting supplement hikes my BP and is not wise for me. Before starting any metabolism booster, if you are on meds, check w/ your doc & pharmacist

8 years ago

ugh my weight its up, its down. I can’t eat junk because of stomach issues. Great advice, I didn’t know spicy food did that and caffeine is my weakness for sure.