Buying Fixer Upper Home Tips / Old House Renovations On A Low Budget

Buying Fixer Upper Home Tips

 Old House Renovations On A Low Budget 

It’s always nice to buy a new house that’s all ready to move into. Just move your stuff in, sit down and enjoy the peace and quiet. Of course, as well as being nice, it’s also expensive. Not only that but an increasing number of new homes are on new-build estates.

Too often these have numerous empty properties and all the soul of a weekend in a warehouse.

Buying Fixer Upper Home Tips
Buying Fixer Upper Home Tips –

Buying a house can be gone about in a myriad of ways. Instead of paying a huge amount of money for a place that may not be very welcoming, you might consider a fixer-upper. Often not much to look at on first glance, a little bit of work can make your dilapidated purchase into a home. Better yet, one with charm, warmth and all the modernity you’d get in a new build.

Fix Your Fixtures And Fittings

One thing that often brings down the price of a house – and makes it affordable – is the condition of the fixtures. The bath may be old and discoloured, the cupboards dank and dusty or the radiators rusty.

Buying Fixer Upper Home Tips
Buying Fixer Upper Home Tips –

With a little bit of work and some assistance from friends or contractors, you can replace these and make the place good as new for a fraction of the price.

 Don’t Be Floored By What’s Under Your Feet

The floors in a home are often ignored for long periods. They’re just there; you’d notice if they were gone but you don’t think of them that much. However, they’ll be working hard for years whether they’re noticed or not. Think of all the feet that will walk over them, the extremes of hot and cold and the inevitable spillages. Amtico floors are a dream to maintain and very durable. Because they’re vinyl, they’re also versatile and can be used in any room.

Buying Fixer Upper Home Tips
Buying Fixer Upper Home Tips –


Energy Efficiency is a Must

It may already have been arranged beforehand by the seller, but if it hasn’t you should arrange an EPC visit. A domestic Energy Performance Certificate is essential if you’re looking to resell when the work is complete. On the other hand, if you’re going to be living in the house you’ll want it to be energy efficient. A few inexpensive adjustments could save you thousands in heating and energy bills.

Buying Fixer Upper Home Tips
Buying Fixer Upper Home Tips –


Get the Personal Touches Right

There is a difference between a house and a home – those little personal touches that make a place more human. Getting them right does depend on your end goal with the house. If you’re going to be living there, then they should have resonance for you and your family.

Buying Fixer Upper Home Tips

If you’re planning to sell, then you can add little things like racks and key hooks. Depending on your target market, these can be rustic or more modern. Renovating a home can be hard work, but as it takes shape it becomes hugely rewarding. You’ll be amazed by what’s possible with a bit of effort and a little shopping around. You may even find you have some flair for ‘flipping houses for a living ‘ and that can be very lucrative.

Buying Fixer Upper Home Tips
Buying Fixer Upper Home Tips –

Not that I am an expert on buying, renovating and decorating houses, but as I am going through the creative process of upgrading my property myself at the moment, I thought I might as well share my experience with you. Thanks a lot for reading and please don’t hesitate if you have got some important or helpful suggestions on old house renovations, tell us about in the comments.






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Buying an old house could really save you some money but sometimes repairs could even cost more than buying a new house. 😀


Excellent post as always and yes, buying an old house where you have to renovate can often result in savings… BUT it is not always the case if you are not careful. When doing so, better bring a contractor along before signing so that all the repairs that needs to be done can be estimated. Be careful too, as for old structures, there may be other costs that are unforseen at the beginning. But overall, if you are confident that the contractor knows what he is doing, then you should be fine.

Trisha Velarmino

Though I am nowhere in buying my own home yet, this will come handy as my parents are revamping their’s at the moment! Thanks for putting this together, Claudia!

Janine Ella

Thank you for these tips! My partner and I bought a house in a subdivision near where we currently live and it’s just big enough for us three. We’re still paying for the mortgage though and it hasn’t been turned over to us yet. If it will be, soon, and if we have saved up enough to fully furnish it, I will definitely go look back for this post. I am also planning to use LED lights to minimize the energy bill 😀

xx, Ella | Wandering Ella


I’ve never renovated a house or done big structural work. It is quite a task to take on and I’d hate the chaos while it was happening.


It is very important to also check that the house you are buying does not have structure problems. Sometimes due to infiltration this things happen, and it will become very costly to fix this kind of problems.