Cheap Home Decorating Ideas – Welcome Spring Into Your Home With These Simple Steps

Cheap Home Decorating Ideas 

Welcome Spring into Your Home with these Simple Steps!

Call me optimistic if you wish, but now that the shortest day is out of the way it is onwards and upwards to spring. Winter has been long; our homes are basically cozy dens which enabled us to hibernate, hide from the chill, and wait out the winter. But now the days are getting longer, the sun is rising higher in the skies, and pretty soon the blossom will be peppering our world with beautiful pastel shades.

Cheap Home Decorating Ideas
Cheap Home Decorating Ideas – Welcome Spring Into Your Home 

It’s a truly exciting time of year, and a great opportunity to rediscover the energy we need to make our homes beautiful. Getting ready for spring isn’t just about the spring cleaning schedule. It’s about opening your home up to the brilliant light of the new season and celebrating the experiences you have to look forward to in the coming year. Getting your home ready for spring is the best way to say “bye bye winter” and “hello 2018”, and here is what you need to do. Follow these cheap home decorating ideas to welcome spring into your home:

Brighten Up

The heavy fabrics, dark colours, and soft furnishing fabrics of winter can start to feel oppressive in the fresh light of spring. We need bright and light colours, soft and flowing fabrics, and to open our blinds to the new light.

Cheap Home Decorating Ideas
Cheap Home Decorating Ideas – Welcome Spring Into Your Home

Presumably, you want to avoid painting your home every time a new season comes around, so the answer is to keep the base neutral. Go for whites, beiges, or pale grays, and bring all the color and seasonal relevance in with accessories. Bright and cheery decorations for spring are a great way to bring energy into your home, and these can be swapped for the darker and more cozy accessories for fall and winter.

Bring the Outside in

The best thing about spring, other than the days getting longer, is the beautiful blossoming flowers, and the leaves ultimately returning to our trees. Nothing says spring like greenery, thus bring it into your home. Houseplants are a great way to make the room feel fresh and bright, and bring a classic modern edge to the room. They are also great for purifying the air, making the room feel fresher, as well as beautiful to look at.

Cheap Home Decorating Ideas
Cheap Home Decorating Ideas – Nothing says spring like greenery

Make the changes you always wanted

New year, new you, right? If you’ve always wanted to make changes to your home, this is the perfect time to do it. As you’re starting your new year as you mean to go on, your home should too. Call in the designers, builders, or a home improvement company for advice, and get the home you always wanted. Don’t worry about it being a waste of money – these things tend to pay for themselves when it comes to increased asking price when selling. Even if it doesn’t, your home has to make you happy, and you can’t put a price on happiness.

Add a Splash of Colour

After the darkness of winter, bring some colour into your home to wake yourself up and get ready to tackle the new year head on. Bright colours give us energy, which we can all agree we’re in need of after a long, cold, dark winter. Cushions are a great way to bring colour into a room without compromising on the style or effect and don’t forget a few vases of bright spring flowers. New lampshades or light fittings are also a great way to add colour, and can really tie together other bright accents in a room.

Cheap Home Decorating Ideas – Add a splash of colour with new lampshades

Spring Cleaning Schedule

Put away all the heavy blankets and throws of winter, dust the top shelves, and be done with the spring cleaning schedulethere’s no time for spending hours deep cleaning your house, and there’s more to life. It is important that you make sure everything that was damaged over the winter is repaired, though – if you are trying to go into spring with a fresh attitude and a clear mind, you don’t want a dripping tap on your conscience. Get all the little things done that you’ve been meaning to do for months – hang pictures, sand and repaint a table, clean the rugs, and make sure you’ve got nothing hanging over you.

Keep it Simple

The brilliant thing about spring is the clarity of mind a bit more sunshine and slightly warmer weather can bring. Don’t let your home drag you down with clutter and accumulated bric-a-brac. Keep it clear, don’t over decorate, and make sure the amount of things you own is directly proportional the amount of storage you have available. If you need more storage this is the time to get it, but otherwise, try to throw away accumulated debris. A beautiful spring home should be bright, open, clear, and uncluttered.

Cheap Home Decorating Ideas
Cheap Home Decorating Ideas – Keep it simple but colourful

Change your Bedding

You’re no longer hibernating, so you don’t need the thick duvet, electric blanket, and goose feather comforter anymore, probably. Bring in light bedding, a lighter blanket, and fresh colours.

Let the Light in

Take down the heavy curtains and drapes, open the shutters, and let the light flow in. Keep your rooms decorated in bright, light colours, and employ the use of tactically placed decorative mirrors to encourage the natural light to really have an impact. The idea behind this is that bringing natural light into your home brings and sense of renewed freshness and energy after a dark winter, so you’ll feel perkier and happier for it.

Cheap Home Decorating Ideas
Cheap Home Decorating Ideas – Let the light in

Say it with Flowers

There’s nothing more springlike than vintage floral patterns, thus get them in wherever you can. While you don’t want to make it look like your granny’s bedroom, a few choice floral accessories can brighten a room up, and bring a cute country vibe to your home. Cushions, bedsheets, and even tablecloths are a great way to introduce vintage floral patterns to a room without overdoing it.

Your home is your haven, and spring is a great opportunity to drag it out of the darkness of winter towards the brightness of summer. Make sure all the changes you want to make are done with your new found energy so that you can go into summer with a clear head and a beautiful home.

Have a fantastic time!
Klaudia xx


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