Cheap Home Improvement Ideas To Consider Before Summer Starts

Cheap Home Improvement Ideas

 To consider before summer starts

Making sure your home is in perfect condition for the summer after the tribulations of winter are the obvious task of spring. Not only are all the drafts and leaks fresh in your memory, it means they aren’t hanging over you for the upcoming months until you find the energy to fix things. Spring is for cleaning, home improvements, and enjoying the slightly warmer weather. Here are five cheap home improvement ideas to get out of the way before the summer gets into full swing.

Cheap Home Improvement Ideas
Cheap Home Improvement Ideas To Consider Before Summer Starts


5 Cheap Home Improvement Ideas For You: 


1. Change AC Filter

With summer hopefully right around the corner, it’s time to get prepared. If anyone’s AC has ever broken in a heat wave, you’ll know the importance of treating that baby right. Spring is a great time to get it serviced and change or clean the filters. Some AC units have filters which can be cleaned and reused, whereas others may require a new disposable air conditioner filter, so always check your manual. Clean filters can cut the energy cost by around 10% by allowing air to flow more easily. Old AC filters can spread allergens around the home more effectively, so if you’ve got dust allergies or hayfever, clean filters are an absolute must.

2. Get Your Roof Fixed

Winter can be a nightmare time for your roof, especially if it’s starting to get a bit past its best. Leaks resulting from shingles, shifted by bad winds, can cause havoc with your home. Water damage to walls, plaster, and belongings just isn’t worth the risk. In spring, find a contractor to ensure your roof will get you through the next few years without any trouble, and put your mind at ease.

Cheap Home Improvement Ideas
Cheap Home Improvement Ideas – Get your roof fixed
3. A Fresh Paint For Interior Walls

While there’s no right time to paint the interiors of your home, spring is probably the best time for it. Paint fumes can contribute to all manner of awful headaches so being able to open your windows when you’re giving your home a new look is really useful. Before the sun gets too hot and the pollen count too high, and after it’s been far too cold for open windows, spring is the perfect window-opening time. And it’s lovely to go into summer with a new paint for interior walls and a fresh new look too.

Cheap Home Improvement Ideas
Cheap Home Improvement Ideas  –  Living Room Pink Wall Interior Pink Modern Style
4. The Insulation Of The House

If you noticed any drafts or cold patches in your home over winter, now is probably the time to get them seen to – before you forget where they are until next winter. Adding an extra layer of insulation throughout your home will never hurt, and it’ll save you loads in the long run, especially if all your warm air is usually escaping through the roof in the colder months.

Cheap Home Improvement Ideas
Cheap Home Improvement Ideas To Consider Before Summer Starts –
5. Clean The Guttering

Fall leaves tend to clog up the guttering of homes the world over, and in some cases, it’s a real struggle to get them to dislodge. Spring is a great time to get up there, give them a good old clean, and make sure there is no permanent damage that needs attending to that has resulted from the poor weather all winter. Getting this done in warmer months means that leaks at far less likely once fall comes back around.

Enjoy the warmer weather and your beautiful home!

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