Check The Weather Forecast- How To Make Your Home Safe When The Weather Is Wild

Check The Weather Forecast !


How To Make Your Home Safe When The Weather Is Wild

It’s winter, and that means that many of us are at risk of adverse weather conditions. At this time of year, we can expect everything from flash floods to heavy snowfall, so it’s always best to be prepared and check the weather forecast. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make your home safe when the weather is wild.

check the weather
Check The Weather Forecast- How To Keep Your Home Safe When The Weather Is Wild


Flood defenses

Heavy rain and storms can increase the risk of flooding, even in areas that aren’t usually prone to weather-related disasters. The weather can be unpredictable, especially during the winter months, so it’s a good idea to take some steps to make your home watertight. Stock up on sandbags, and keep them in a warm, dry place. If you have some on-site, this will prevent last-minute panics when heavy rain is forecast, and everyone else is rushing to local stores. It’s also wise to seal gaps and cracks and to listen out for weather warnings. If you’re advised to evacuate, don’t try and brave the elements. Take expert advice, and arrange to stay with friends or family out of town. Relocate valuable items to the first floor, or take them with you.

If there’s a cold snap forecast, try and ensure that your pipes are warm by leaving your heating on a low level. If the pipes become frozen, they can burst, causing water damage. If you’re going away on vacation, for example, resist the temptation to switch the heating off.

Check The Weather Forecast
Check The Weather Forecast – Tips on how to make your home safe when the weather is wild


Wind Protection

Powerful winds can cause significant damage to your property. If you live in an area prone to storms and hurricanes, or your house is open to the elements, consider features such as security rolling shutters and hurricane proof windows and doors. If strong winds are forecast, take a trip into the driveway and backyard, and clear away any debris that could do damage, such as loose wooden fence posts and branches. Move your outdoor furniture sets into a secured garage. Clear the gutters to enable rainwater to drain freely.


Coping With Heavy Snow

The best thing to do if heavy snow is on its way is to prepare for a few days at home. If you can avoid venturing out, this is the best course of action. In the days before, take a trip to the store and stock up on logs, matches, candles, and blankets. You’ll also need food and bottled water. Keep windows and doors closed, and clear pathways in the yard. Lay down some grit on steps and driveways to prevent slipping. Light the fire if you get cold. If you don’t have a fire, you can use portable heaters for the home. If you do head out, make sure you have dressed appropriately, and you are wearing suitable footwear.

Check The Weather Forecast
Check The Weather Forecast  —

If it’s wild outside, you want to be safe and warm in the comfort of your home. If bad weather is forecast, plan ahead. Check the weather forecast, and sign up for free alerts. Stock up on supplies, and consider investing in weatherproofing measures if adverse weather is a constant threat. Put safety first, and don’t take any unnecessary risks.


Get healthy & safe through the winter!

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