Creative Wedding Ideas – “My Big Fat Geek Wedding”

Creative Wedding Ideas

‘My Big Fat Geek Wedding’

So maybe you’ve decided that a traditional big white wedding just isn’t your thing. A lot of us really enjoy other people’s weddings but sometimes they’re quite hard to relate to and you don’t know if that’s what you would want for your own big day.

Creative Wedding Ideas
3 Creative Wedding Ideas For A Peerless Day To Remember

The most important thing about your wedding is that it represents you and your fiancé and what you both love. Here are some ways to add three of your geeky favs into your wedding day.


3  Creative Wedding Ideas For A Peerless Day To Remember 

1. Lord of the Rings

Possibly top of the nerdy wedding checklist, a Lord of the Rings-inspired wedding could be anything you’d like it to be. Whether you’re inspired by the ethereal style of the elves or you want a more homely atmosphere reminiscent of Hobbiton, you can make your Lord of the Rings wedding absolutely anything that you want it to be.

Creative Wedding Ideas
Creative Wedding Ideas – Lord of the Rings Wedding

If you go the hobbit route, be inspired by nature. Go for ethereal wedding dresses, decorate your venue with green tablecloths and go for floral centerpieces. If you want to be especially hobbity, go for plants instead of cut flowers so people can take home pot plants to enjoy after the day is over.

creative wedding ideas
Creative Wedding Ideas – Lord of the Rings Wedding

Make sure that there’s plenty of alcohol for a perfect party atmosphere and provide jugs of ale and wine on every table. Name each table after a member of the Fellowship (although bear in mind that your Boromir could be slightly insulted!).

Creative Wedding Ideas
Creative Wedding Ideas – Lord of the Rings Wedding

If you want to go for a more elven atmosphere, go for cool colors and gold and silver decorations. You could even buy replica Lord of the Rings jewelry online and give them to your wedding party as gifts.

creative wedding ideas
If a traditional white wedding dress is not your thing, have a look at ethereal wedding dresses

2. Harry Potter  

The underlying message of Harry Potter is that  Love Conquers Hate – which is the perfect theme for your wedding day. Allow your groomsmen to pick the Hogwarts house they’d like to be in and get them ties in those colors.

Creative Wedding Ideas
Creative Wedding Ideas @

You could also get your bridal party replica wands so they can hold them up as you’re coming down the aisle after you’re married. For your reception, you can look on websites like Etsy to buy decorations, but if you’d rather make them yourself that’s easy too. 

Creative Wedding Ideas
Harry Potter themed Wedding

Photocopy your favourite pages from the books or buy second-hand copies to cut up for material, and take inspiration from the Great Hall’s warm lighting and long tables. Create cocktails that look like potions from the books, and call the tables after your favorite spells! Just make sure you leave the Unforgivables out of it.

3. Star Wars

Star Wars is so visually incredible that you could try to incorporate it into your wedding shoot by holding lightsabers or using Photoshop to make it look like you are part of your favourite film – check out for more ideas.

Creative Wedding Ideas
Creative Wedding Ideas – Rent a photo booth for your Star Wars themed reception

You could engrave Han and Leia’s famous lines of ‘I love you’ and ‘I know’ onto your wedding rings, and use star covered tablecloths and centerpieces to light up your venue. Rent a photo booth for your reception so your guests can pose in Stormtrooper and Darth Vader masks, and buy your groom cufflinks with his favorite character on for him to wear during the ceremony. As for your honeymoon, it’s pretty obvious what sort of bikini you should go for!

creative wedding ideas

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