Curb Appeal Ideas To Make Your House Look Fabulous

Curb Appeal Ideas

To Make Your House Look Fabulous

When you move into a new house, you tend to focus on the interior. Before you’ve even finished unpacking, you may already be thinking about paint colours and prints. In all the excitement of redesigning your rooms, you may forget about the exterior of the house. If you’re eager to add some more curb appeal to your home, here are some simple tips and tricks.

Curb Appeal Ideas
Curb Appeal Ideas To Make Your House Look Fabulous
# General Maintenance Jobs

Are you drawn to chipped bricks or splintered paintwork when you look at your house? Are there tiles missing on the roof ? Are there weeds growing up the windows or panelling hanging off ? Before you do anything else, it’s wise to get these basic maintenance tasks sorted. Call some local firms and get some quotes. Try and go for companies that offer specialist repair and installation services, such as Blue Ridge Exteriors siding. There may be tasks you can do yourself, like painting the window frames.

Curb Appeal Ideas

If you have an overgrown front garden, start by clearing any rubbish and weeds away. Trim the grass using secateurs and then mow the lawn when the grass is a manageable length. Always wait for a dry day to do your mowing. Ensure all your fencing is in good condition, and stain wooden posts and panels at least once a year. If you have a garage, you may wish to give the door a lick of paint.

Curb Appeal Ideas

# Garden Flowers ~ Plants

Garden flowers & plants are an excellent addition to any front garden, driveway or patio. They are beautiful to look at, and they make your house look more welcoming and homely. If you don’t have an extensive front garden, go for a potted olive or bay tree by the front door. You could also use planters or window boxes. If you have flowerbeds, plant some bulbs in the fall and winter months. You’ll be greeted with swathes of colour in the spring. Hanging baskets are another fantastic way to decorate porches.

Curb Appeal Ideas
Curb Appeal Ideas – Use planters,window boxes or hanging baskets
# Front Door Makeover

Do you dislike the colour or style of the front door? Is the paint worn or chipped? Would you rather something more traditional or modern? The front door is an important external feature of your home. If you don’t like the existing door, give it a coat of paint, or consider replacing it. You’ll find new doors at home and hardware stores. If you’re looking for something older, visit a salvage yard or search online. Once you’ve got the door in place, you can design a name or number plaque.

Curb Appeal Ideas
Curb Appeal Ideas – Consider a front door makeover 


# Driveway and Patio Perfection

If your driveway is rough and rocky, smoothing it over will add curb appeal and reduce the risk of punctures. You can choose from all kinds of stone for your paving, and you can add decking areas or patios to make the area more practical and versatile. If you’re thinking of changing your driveway, search for local companies and ask for some quotes. Visit some showrooms to get ideas, and then compare prices.

Curb Appeal Ideas

Don’t devote all your time and attention to the interior design. Follow these simple steps to make sure your home looks incredible inside and out !





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3 years ago

Some great ideas – will send some of our clients to this page for a reference point