DIY Home Improvement & Maintenance Tips

DIY Home Improvement & Maintenance Tips

DIY Home Improvement & Maintenance Tips

Why Today Is Better Than Tomorrow

Do you have a guilty conscience? Did you see that title and think: “putting off home maintenance? Okay, this blog is now able to read my mind…”

The simple truth is that none of us put things off because we forget about them, or because we think ‘what a good idea’ to put them off. We defer what we have to do primarily because we don’t want to do it. “But!” You might think, “I have a legitimate reason for not doing those basic DIY home improvement and maintenance tasks. It’s because…”

Maybe you do have a legitimate reason – but remember the guilty conscience? If you have a real reason for putting off the basics of caring for your home (the most expensive purchase you will ever make, remember), then you won’t feel guilty about it. There’s no need to – it’s justifiable.

DIY Home Improvement
DIY Home Improvement & Maintenance – Today Is Better Than Tomorrow

If it’s not justifiable, then you might need to have a word with yourself and realize that it’s not a good idea to put things off. It’s not good for the state of your house and – depending on the problem – it might be an issue for your personal health as well. Say, for example, you have a problem with water damage in the basement and you’re putting off the need for wet basement repair. You come up with all sorts of reasons why today isn’t a good time to tackle this; it can wait, can’t it? Well, probably not, because it could be harbouring all kinds of mold and other health dangers.


If you think you’re off the hook on this because you don’t have a wet basement, then sorry! That’s not the case – that was just an example. If you are putting off any kind of task, then there’s a chance it could literally endanger your health if you don’t fix it. Loose wiring, with electricity going off at random moments? Blocked drains, you just unclog a sink drain long enough to work for the moment, never diving deeper? All of these and more could be the start of serious health problems.

However, that’s not the convincer here. You might even know you need to tackle these tasks. You’ve heard the arguments for why you need to throw yourself into home maintenance: for your health, for the safety of your house. Chances are unless it’s the kind of problem you absolutely can’t ignore, you’ve gone ahead and ignored it.

So those convincers didn’t work – what will? It’s simple really If you get home maintenance tasks done, then you don’t have to think about them anymore!

That’s it. It’s simple, but it’s incredibly effective. If you’re fed up with feeling guilty, constantly suffering from that nagging feeling in the back of your mind – this is your way out. Set aside a couple of days and throw yourself into the task of ticking off all the things that have been bothering you. Not only do you get to free your mind from its constant preoccupation, you take care of all those other health and safety concerns and improve your house at the same time. When it comes to DIY home improvement and maintenance managing, today is always better than tomorrow!

Thank you very much for reading

 Klaudia xx




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