Do You Love You? The Importance Of Self-Love For Overall Wellbeing And Beauty

Do You Love You?

do you love you

The Importance Of Self-Love For Overall Wellbeing & Beauty

~ guest post by Sharon Picone ~

Who is Sharon Picone
Sharon Picone is the founder of Sleep Metro, an online review and informational site that provides savvy, no-nonsense tips for the best sleep possible that’s beneficial to both health and wellbeing. Through in-depth reviews, the site also guides readers to make informed decisions when choosing mattresses and sleep-related products. Sharon lives in Florida with her husband and 5 beautiful cats.

And not only all that, but Sharon is also a brilliant writer, I am sure you will agree with me!

Do You Love You

Do You Love You?

Women today have more choices and responsibilities than ever before. We have powerful and famous women leaders in business, politics and sports. And yet so often these women are attacked for their failure to adhere to standards of beauty. It’s a double standard—and one that women are just as guilty of as men. No matter how successful they are in their professional and personal lives, women still judge themselves on society’s perception of what is really true beauty.

Do You Love You?
Beauty standards around the world and also really unrealistic pictures of beauty – even women still judge themselves on society’s perception of what is true beauty.

When you look at the medias portrayal of women, the importance of beauty for women is no surprise. With unattainable beauty standards around the world promoted as ‘normal,self-love is the modern womans key to realizing her own worth.

• The Effects Of Unrealistic Standards Of Beauty For Women Today

 Self Hate Disorder 

The beauty industry constantly bombards us with images of beautiful models. Magazines and advertisers use Photoshop to further enhance the image they’re promoting. We all know this is bad for our self-image, with studies linking these advertisements to eating disorders like anorexia or bulimia. But the effect is even more widespread and insidious.

do you love you
Self-hate disorder can lead to anorexia & bulimia

While thin is associated with beauty, youth and success, people deemed fat are considered lazy, lacking in self-control and unlikely to succeed professionally. But what was average a few decades ago is fat by today’s standards. A study asking participants to judge what was a ‘thin’ versus ‘healthy’ appearance in women, discovered that underweight is the new healthy. If women can meet this standard, it’s often at the sacrifice of their health. If not, they face societal disapproval, criticism and, most harmful of all, a negative self-image.

Negative self-image undermines confidence, erodes self-worth and leads women to pursue impossible pictures of beauty. In this negative mindset, anything that doesn’t match what a woman believes about herself is rejected. Compliments are quickly forgotten, while criticisms remain fresh. She is blind to her own beauty and achievements. With this mindset, change is impossible. No matter what she does to improve her situation, she cannot reach the unrealistic high standards she’s set for herself.

do you love you
Do you love you? – The Importance of Self-Love for Overall Wellbeing & Beauty ~ by Sharon Picone

• Why Recognition Of Their Beauty Is Important For Women

Self Love

Self-acceptance isn’t just the theme of most after-school specials. It’s fundamental to well-being and beauty. Accepting yourself, imperfections and all is the first step to self-love.

Do You Love You?
Do you love you the way you should?

Do you think that loving yourself as you are means having to give up on ever losing weight or improving your image? Wrong! Embracing yourself for whom you are is the most powerful act you can do for yourself. When you give yourself permission to be whom you are, you free yourself from the chains of societal expectations. You’ll feel better and make savvier decisions about your health.

And not only will you empower yourself, but you will also be an inspiration to other women. The positive energy generated by your shift in mindset will keep you moving forward. As soon as you realize your true worth and treat yourself as someone special, you’ll feel special too and everyone who comes in contact with you will notice.  

do you love you
Do you love you the way you are?

As women, we’re inherently nurturing and we’re naturals at making sure that other people’s needs are met. Isn’t it time to make your needs a priority? Isn’t it time to put YOU first? Make sure you get the essentials–good food, adequate rest, and some “me” time. Once you treat yourself with care and respect, you’ll see that reflected in how other people treat you. Instead of focusing on your beauty flaws, celebrate your unique assets.

• Conclusion

Self-love enables us to stay positive even when bombarded by impossible standards and pictures of beauty. It’s empowering and it allows us to simply be ourselves. In today’s society, which puts more demands on women than ever before, self-love is key.

Now, it’s over to you. Do you know a family member, friend or an acquaintance who doesn’t realize her own beauty and needs to learn self-love? Share this article and commit to empowering each other. We’d love to hear your comments and feedback.

Do You Love YouThank you so very much for sharing this excellent, thoughtful piece with us, Sharon. I truly enjoyed reading, I couldn’t agree more with what you’re saying. It has been a great pleasure working with you! 

There will be surely more to come, watch this space!

Meanwhile, you will find Sharon →  Sleep Metro


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GiGi Eats
6 years ago

I actually really do love me – except when I go through my PMS emotions! Cause YIKES! lol!!! But that’s only temp. so I am a-ok with me!

Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond
6 years ago

Thank you for continuing the message of self-love. It is something that women in particular struggle with and I know when I write about it I hear comments from women who don’t realise their own worth. A wonderful message thank you!