Entrance Hall Design – 11 Mistakes People Make When It Comes To Their Entrance Hall

Entrance Hall Design 

11 Mistakes People Make When It Comes To Their Entrance Hall

When it comes to the downstairs of the home, a lot of people worry about organizing the kitchen and lounge. But there’s another place where people forget to sort when they move in, and that’s the entrance hall! The hallway is the first place people will see when they enter your home. Therefore, it needs to look great when people first come into your property. It’s also very useful, and you need to utilize it, so you are making the most of the space.

Here are 11 mistakes people make when it comes to their entrance hall design, and what you should be doing instead.

  1. Not Spending Enough Time Decorating

One mistake people make when it comes to their entrance hall is not spending enough time decorating it. They often move in and sometimes paint the walls, but that’s about it. You need to spend a lot more time in there as it’s the very first room people see when they enter your home. You should think carefully about what you want to put in there, and how you want it to look.

Look online for inspiration when it comes to ideas for decorating your hallway. Don’t forget that your front door can make a difference to your entrance hall as well. You need to think carefully about how it will look in your hallway before choosing a front door. Here’s a guide to choosing a front door which will suit your home.

Entrance Hall Design

2. Not Making the Most of The Space

Another mistake people make when it comes to their entrance hall design is not making the most of the space that’s in the room. It’s often a large area which you could actually fit with a seat or a bookshelf. You could even consider making a bench which has extra storage space inside to fill with your shoes and accessories. You can read more here about creating an inviting bench with extra storage space.

Even if you have a small area in your hallway, you need to make sure you are utilizing the space that is there. Consider putting some flowers in the corner or even adding some shelving, so you can wisely use the space. Add some entrance hall mirrors to make it look bigger than it is.

Entrance Hall Design

  3. Not Making Sure it Smells Nice

A lot of people also make the mistake of not making sure their entrance hall smells nice. So many things will be passing through your front door. You may have pets, food, and smelly shoes, which could leave a lingering smell.  Therefore, you should make sure you are making efforts to get it to smell great when guests are over. You could get some air fresheners that will create a lovely smell in the hallway. You may also want to light some scented candles; just make sure you blow them out before you go out. You should also be cleaning it regularly to help your entrance hall stay smelling nice. If you have dropped anything in your hall, make sure it’s cleaned straight away. Here’s how to get rid of those unwelcoming musty smells that might appear in your home.

  4. Not Putting a Mat by The Front Door

Another mistake that people make when it comes to their entrance hall design is not putting a mat by their front door. It means that people come into their home and end up making a mess because their dirty shoes will go all over the floor. You need to put a mat by the front door so they can easily wipe their feet before moving into the other rooms in your home. That way, if there is any dirt, you can quickly brush it off outside of the home. You can get lots of fun doormats which will reflect your personality.

Get a personalized one which will be very welcoming, and add a touch of personality to your entrance hall. You should also consider getting a doorstop for your front door. A Superiormaker door stop is ideal for keeping the door open while you’re bringing in the shopping. It will also come in handy if you have someone with a physical disability visiting your home. With the door open wide enough for their wheelchair, they will be able to get safely inside your home without much hassle.

Entrance Hall Design

  5. Not Getting Laminate or Wood Flooring

You should also consider carefully what flooring you put in your hall. If you go for carpet, it will be a lot harder to clean if mud gets in there. A lot of people regret choosing carpet as it is more difficult to maintain when it’s in your entrance hall. Therefore, you should consider choosing laminate or wood flooring for your hallway. That way, you can quickly mop it or brush away any rubbish which gets inside your home. You can find many contractors to come and fit it for you so that it looks professional.


  6. Not Painting the Walls in a Bright Colour

Another mistake people often make when it comes to their entrance hall design is not painting the walls in a bright colour. A lot of people paint it in a cream or natural, but if you want your hall to stand out, you should go for a brighter colour. You can buy many testers so you can check out what it looks like.

Entrance Hall Design

As this article reveals, you can use colour combinations to create a modern feature wall which will impress guests. Don’t be afraid to go for wallpaper which will help the entrance hall design to stand out.

Entrance Hall Design

  7. Not Choosing Unique Light Shades

You should also not make the mistake of not choosing unique light shades. A lot of people go for a traditional light shade in their hall. But there are so many fun ones around which will look fantastic in your entrance hall. You should look for one which will help to transform your entrance hall. If you have space, you could put a lamp in your hallway which will light up the hall at night time. It will deter intruders from entering your home as well, as you could leave it on when you are not there.

Entrance Hall Design

  8. Not Changing it Depending on the Season

Another mistake people make when it comes to their entrance hall is not changing it depending on the season. You want it to look on-trend so that it impresses guests. But you don’t have to change the whole hall. As we talked about previously, you can just get new accessories each time it’s a new season. You could get seasonal scented candles so that you can fill the hallway with smells of the current season.

  9. Not Tidying up Shoes in the Hallway

A lot of people make the mistake of not tidying up their shoes when it comes to their entrance hall. It can make the entrance hall look really messy if you just scatter your shoes around the hall. Therefore, you need to make sure everyone puts their shoes away when they have taken them off in the hall.

Entrance Hall Design

You could purchase a shoe rack so that you can keep them all safe and secure on there. That way, you have them all in one place, so everyone knows where their shoes are. It also means nobody will fall over a pair of shoes which have been left in the hall.

Entrance Hall Design

  10. Not Making an Under Stairs Cupboard

Another mistake that people make when it comes to their entrance hall is not making an under stairs cupboard. You will often find there is a lot of wasted space underneath your stairs which could easily be made into a cupboard. You could keep items such as your hoover and iron in there, so you have more space in your kitchen. Get someone in to see how much it would cost to place an under stairs cupboard in the space.

Entrance Hall Design

11. Not Fixing Hooks on the Wall for Coats

Another mistake people make when it comes to their entrance hall design regarding functionality is not fixing hooks on the wall to put their coats on. It’s a great way to keep them all near the front door, without using up too much space. You don’t want to have to keep them upstairs, as they will end up taking up too much room in your wardrobe. As this feature explains, allocate each family member a hook so that you don’t end up with too many jackets on there. You could also purchase a coat rack to go in your entrance hall. You can get many stylish ones which will look beautiful in your entrance hall.

Entrance Hall Design

Make sure you fill the entrance hall with pictures. It’s the best place to ensure people see the pictures if they don’t go in your lounge or bedroom. It also helps to make your hallway personal to your family. And don’t block the front door with anything you do put in your hallway. It’s going to be your way to escape if there was an emergency in your home! I hope, I could inspire you with some of my entrance hall design ideas.

Klaudia xx





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3 years ago

Very helpful for me…. I will overcome these design mistakes

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Thank you very much for providing the information.

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I thank the authors “klaudiascorner” for your tips in organizing the space in the hallway. if I read your article, like here for example (http://interior4you.net/) before, I would not have done at least 3 errors that you described.