Faithful Friends Are Hard To Find – Shakespeare Already Knew!

Faithful Friends Are Hard To Find 

Shakespeare already knew 

faithful friends are hard to find

William Shakespeare *  The Passionate Pilgrim (1564-1616)

In our world that has actually gone insane with slander, treachery, and dishonesty, we need loyal and faithful friends no matter how hard to find.

I don’t mean that nice buddy that you would greet over the yard fencing or in the supermarket. I am talking about that person who owns the “staying power” when tsunamis of sadness or loss or trauma hit you complete straight in the face.

“True faithful friendship isn’t about existing when it’s hassle-free , true faithful friendship is standing strong when it’s not”
Faithful friends are hard to find
Faithful friends are hard to find…

Doing something for another person while anticipating absolutely nothing in return; sharing ideas without worry of judgment or discouraging objection … that’s what friends do!

I have actually been blessed past the wildest of my dreams with a few friends that have so lovingly walked with me through my worst times of destruction, loss, illness and deep agony.

Friends, I have never known how absolutely amazing they were, they held my heart in their hands when I needed it the most! Other so-called friends at the same time couldn’t hide quick enough, never mind … let’s focus on real friends.

People say  “Oh, she or he’s a friend of mine,” yet they never make time for that friend. Friendship demands time .. time to get to understand each other, time to develop shared memories, time to grow together. All of us need someone with whom we can share our lives, thoughts, sensations, and also life’s obstacles. We need a friend to debate our inmost secrets with, without worrying that those secrets will wind up online somewhere!



“True Faithful Friendship means no backbiting  – no judgmental thoughts – no pushing back” 

There are often really emotionally hard times in true friendships too, it might even require the risk of temporary hurting a loved friend in order to help them see where there might be weak of character or some deception that would otherwise break them.

A faithful friendship happens for love’s purpose, not simply for just ‘what can I get in return’. True friendship is amazing, it risks, it neglects faults, as well as it loves unconditionally, but it involves most of all being truthful.

Genuine friends motivate one another…

Genuine friends motivate one another and also forgive one another where there has been any offence. Faithful friends support each other during times of battle. Genuine friends are reliable. We love our true friends no matter what, and of course, we want the very best for our friends. Words and actions in friendships are massive measuring rods to gauge the deepness of loyalty that we may have for our supposed close friends.

Faithful friends are hard to find on social media, no question.The term friend on social media actually means random contacts rather than friendships. You’re able to send your friends a message, but this is not the same thing as having a relationship with a person one on one. This is not my definition of friendship.

The word friend is losing its meaning due to social media, nowadays you can send a request, and within the next second, you’ve got a new friend.

faithful friends are hard to find
Faithful friends are hard to find in this day and age
“Sometimes we focus our thoughts on having friends – perhaps we should more focus on being a friend”
Faithful friends are hard to find… * William Shakespeare *

What are your thoughts on true friends, are online friends real friends? Are you a faithful friend yourself?  

Klaudia xx



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8 years ago

I love your post, So clever to read shakespeare like this. I totally agree that friendship is incredibly important

8 years ago

Couldn’t agree more! I have very few close friends that I really treasure <3

8 years ago

I would definitely agree, faithful friends are definitely hard to find!

8 years ago

This is lovely!!! Thank you for the post! I love all of the matching photos you have added.

8 years ago

This is so true. I have had to do a spring cleaning of “friends” over the past few years. Faithful friends are few and fa between so I hold on to the good and real ones.

8 years ago

I love this insight into Shakespeare. And I loved your article in friendship. I have learnt it the hard way that also who laugh with you are not your true friends. But feel blessed to have found some genuine and reliable friends

8 years ago

So true! But i think faithful friends have always been hard to find, not just today. Because people have always been dishonest, disloyal and two-faced, it’s not just modern day’s illness.

8 years ago

Your article is so nice! It’s not easy to let yourself go and trust somebody so much, especially after you’ve reached a certain age. I think friendships develop best in childhood.

8 years ago

You’ve made many valid points on friendships. I think these days people have gotten lazy about maintaining relationships, instead substituting “likes” for meaningful conversations.

subha natarajan
subha natarajan
8 years ago

This is so true..though i have many ‘friends’ i only have 2-3 people whom i can count on as true friends. I need not meet them on a regular basis or even call them but in moments of crisis they are always there for me and vice versa. When we meet after ages ots almsot as if no time has passed….

True friendship is ageless…and not dependent on social norms

8 years ago

As a friend of mine would say, we don’t need a lot of friends. We only need a few true friends.

8 years ago

What a beautiful post! I completely agree about your notions of facebook ‘contacts’ instead of friends. Since I’ve relocated to more than 5 cities (sometimes abroad) in 3 years, facebook has been more of an amazing tool to stay in contact with those I love. Keep up the amazing work! 🙂

Roselle Carlos-Toledo
8 years ago

I used to envy people who have hundreds of friends but when I got older it was then that I appreciated my few friends. Yes they are few but they are with me through thick and thin. They never judged me when I committed dumb mistakes. They love me as me.

8 years ago

I have let alot pf people go because i chose to live a negative free, honest life, It’s not easy. The right ppl stick around.