Fashion Lingerie Trends – Embrace Your Feminine Side

Fashion Lingerie Trends

Embrace Your Feminine Side 

Women have been rocking lingerie for hundreds of years. While it might not have started out as something that women had a big say in, they sure do now. Many women choose to wear sexy lingerie as a way to feel confident in their bodies and how they look. It’s no longer about adhering to fashion trends. Today, lingerie is all about feeling your best no matter what.

Fashion Lingerie Trends -
Fashion Lingerie Trends –

When you think of lingerie, you might think of Victorian corsets. Known as stays, these were corsets made of whalebone. They created that picturesque hourglass shape, and they were essential in the 1700s and through the 1800s. Though these were outrageously uncomfortably centuries ago, we’ve come a long way. You might be surprised with just how comfortable, sexy, and empowering the lingerie trends of today are! Let’s take a look ourselves.Fashion Lingerie Trends -

 Lingerie as Outerwear

The first trend we’re seeing everywhere this season is wearing lingerie as outerwear. With so many styles of lingerie to choose from, it’s easier than ever to rock your favourites as street clothes. When you love your lingerie so much, you want to show it off to everyone. The easiest way to find lingerie that doubles as outerwear is to look for coverage and support. You can find a lot of corsets, bodysuits, and even bralettes that have support and coverage so you don’t have to worry about any accidents when you’re out and about.

Fashion Lingerie Trends -
Latest Fashion Lingerie Trends – Wearing lingerie as outerwear

Another way to pull of this look is by layering. A sheer top looks amazing over your favourite bra or corset. Similarly, you can add a jacket over your favourite bodysuit tucked into jeans. It’s likely nobody will even know you’re wearing lingerie, and they’ll just want to know where you found such a cute outfit. For more outfit inspiration, check out Sexy Clothing, Club Clothes For Women, Sexy Outfits | 3WISHES.COM.


Newsflash: underwires are so five years ago. Now, lingerie is all about comfort. Bralettes are perfect for not only relaxing around the house but adding a flirty touch to your favourite outfits. These bras aren’t meant to hide. They’re perfect for peeking through tops and layering. The best part is you can’t beat the comfort of a bralette.

Fashion Lingerie Trends -

There are so many options and styles to choose from. Some offer little support which are good for around the house or if you have a smaller bra size. If you need more support, look for a fit that has a larger cup size and full coverage to keep everything tucked in. You’ll never go back once you try a bralette.


Many women are intimidated by bodysuits which seem like a challenging trend to jump onto. However, these are one of the most magical lingerie options on the market today, and we’re thrilled they’re such a trend today. Bodysuits are flattering for all body types. They help mold your body into that famous hourglass shape, and they’re comfortable as long as you get the right size.

Fashion Lingerie Trends -

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you can’t wear a bodysuit if you’re not a small size. These are perfect for literally any shape, and they’re easier to pull off than you think. They work perfectly under slimming dresses, and they provide enough support that you won’t feel uncomfortable during your time out on the town.

   Feel Your Best

No matter your shape or size, there’s a lingerie trend out there waiting for you. The best part about lingerie is that you can make your own rules. As long as you feel good about yourself, you’re doing it right. Let’s take back lingerie for the empowering tool that it is. Who said underwear had to be ugly and uncomfortable?

Fashion Lingerie Trends -
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Wear lingerie for yourself, not anyone else. Luckily, we have options today. As women of the 21st century, we can make the most of the lingerie trends appearing across runways today to feel our best every day.

It’s up to you!

Klaudia xx


Fashion Lingerie Trends - Embrace Your Feminine Side
Latest Fashion Lingerie Trends – © image






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