Hair Care Tips From Pro Hair Stylists – Want Beautiful Hair? Avoid Heat Damage!

Hair Care Tips From Professional Hair Stylists

Want Beautiful Hair? Avoid Heat Damage!

One of the best beauty tips I can give is to take care of your hair. Nice, healthy, hair looks so gorgeous and will complement everything from your makeup to the outfit you’ve got on. As well as this, it does wonders for your confidence when your hair looks good, and you can feel that it’s nice and healthy too.

Hair care tips from pro hair stylists -
Hair care tips from pro hair stylists – The best beauty tips for long hair

So, what’s the secret to beautiful hair? Well, there are countless hair care tips you can follow to maintain your luscious hair, but I want to focus on one thing in particular; avoiding heat damage! Yes, most of us will apply some form of heat to our hair, pretty much every day. This is either by drying it with a blow-dryer, curling it with a curling iron, or using hot hair straighteners. Constantly exposing your hair to extreme heat can cause so many problems with it. Most notably, it starts to lose its natural texture and appearance. Heat damaged hair is very brittle and straw-like, which is far from beautiful.

As a consequence, you’ll be pleased to know that avoiding heat damage is a lot easier than you think. There are plenty of things you can do, and here are some of the simplest ideas:

  1. Air-Dry Your Hair Whenever Possible

To start things off, you should try air-drying your hair whenever possible. There’s nothing complex involved here, it’s simply a case of letting your hair dry naturally. If you have short hair, then this shouldn’t be a problem as it can dry very quickly – particularly in the summer when it’s quite hot. There are also lots of air dry hair products on the market that help you achieve a more natural dried look, and make sure you avoid the common frizziness that’s often associated with air drying. The obvious benefit of this is that you don’t have to use heat to dry your hair, so you keep it nice and protected. However, I’m aware that air-drying isn’t always possible for whatever reasons. As an example, if you have long hair and you’re in a rush to be somewhere, then air-drying just doesn’t fit into your routine. But, even if you air-dry your hair two or three times a week, and put your hair-dryer down, you can avoid heat damage.

  2. Apply A Heat Protectant Before Using Hot Tools

Of course, some of us need to use straighteners or curling tongs to create particular looks. As such, you may think that avoiding heat damage is impossible. Or, you assume the only option is to use these tools less frequently. Well, that’s definitely one idea you should be thinking about – is it really worth straightening or curling your hair unless you’re going out somewhere?

Hair care tips from pro hair stylists -
Hair care tips from pro hair stylists – Avoid heat damage…

Having said that, my tip is aimed towards helping you protect your hair even when you use these hot tools. It’s simple; apply a heat protectant before you use them. There are lots of heat protectant sprays on the market that create a barrier between your hair and the hot tools. This, in conjunction with using the tools in the right heat setting, will mean you can still use your favourite tools without worrying about causing too much heat damage. I really like this idea because it means that, even when you use hot tools, you’re still finding ways to protect your hair and keep it beautiful. Plus, it’s just an easy tip to use as well!

  3. One Pass Is All You Need

Okay, be honest, how many of you will constantly go over the same area of hair when using a hot tool? It’s very common to straighten the same section of hair over and over to try and make it as straight as can be – and the same applies to curling your hair as well. Why do we do this? Because we think it helps us set the style and guarantee we see the results we’re after. Should we do this? No, absolutely not!

In fact, one pass is all you need when using hot tools. You only have to go over a section once to see the desired effect, if you keep going over it, then you’re just asking for heat damage to happen. Think about when you iron your clothes; the more times you go over a section of clothing with the hot iron, the more likely it is you cause damage because you’re just applying too much heat to the area. The same thing happens with your hair, and it’s such an easy way to end up with a head full of straw instead of beautiful locks.

  4. Cover Your Hair When It’s Very Sunny Outside

Finally, you need to be aware that hot tools aren’t the only cause of heat damaged hair. Granted, most people damage their hair using tools, but the sun is also a cause for concern. Imagine you’re outside all day long on a very hot summer’s day. The sun is beating down on your head for hours on end, and you’ve got absolutely no protection on whatsoever. If you’ve ever been out in the sun, then you’ll know how hot your hair gets if it’s unprotected. It feels absolutely boiling, and the texture can change as well.

Hair care tips from pro hair stylists - ©
Hair care tips from pro hair stylists – Cover your hair when it’s very sunny…

Essentially, you’re witnessing heat damage as it’s happening! So, make sure your hair is covered and protected if you’re out in the sun for hours on end. A hat is all you need, or perhaps spending some time in the shade as well. The good news is, this is only a problem when it gets really hot and sunny out, so you don’t have to worry about it all year round. Plus, summer hats are very stylish right now, so you’ll just end up looking even better than before!

Your hair forms a very integral part of your beauty routine. No doubt you spend a good deal of time styling it before you go out somewhere. If your hair is heat damaged, then it will be hard to work with, making it a real pain to style! So, if you avoid damaging your hair with heat, you will make it much easier to style to your desires, as well as ensuring it maintains its natural beauty!

Klaudia xx


Hair Care Tips From Pro Hair Stylists - Want Beautiful Hair? Avoid Heat Damage!
Hair care tips from pro hair stylists – ©




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Mrs. SBF
Mrs. SBF
5 years ago

I never realized or thought of being out in the sun as a way to heat damage your hair! Thanks for the insight!