Hair Health And Beauty – The Ultimate Guide To Looking After Aging Hair

Hair Health And Beauty 

The Ultimate Guide To Looking After Ageing Hair

As we get older, we need to start taking extra care of our body and mind. The ageing process takes it out of them, and any extra tender loving care we can afford them goes a very long way! And this is also the case for your hair.

Hair Health And Beauty
Hair Health And Beauty – The Ultimate Guide To Looking After Aging Hair

Once you hit your late thirties, you will find that your hair starts to change, and could even become quite a bit thinner than what it once was. For many women, this can be quite distressing as they see their locks as their crowning glory.If you find that your hair seems to deteriorate over the years, there is plenty that you can do to improve its overall health and quality. You just need to know how to handle and look after your ageing hair. Here are some great tips that can help you with it!

 Coconut Oil and Hair Growth

How to use coconut oil on hair: Coconut oil does wonders for your hair, no matter what age you are. But its effects are especially beneficial once your hair starts to age, so buy coconut oil.  One way to get the most out of this wonder product is to use it as a hair mask. Every couple of weeks or so, you should apply the coconut oil liberally to your hair and scalp. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes, but ideally, you should wear a shower cap so that you can sleep like this. This lets the coconut oil really absorb right into your hair and roots. Then simply wash away all the oil with your regular shampoo.

Hair Health And Beauty
Hair Health And Beauty –

Because coconut oil is quite absorbent, you might need to carry out a couple of washes. Once it has all been washed out, you will find that your hair is silky and smooth! You can also rub in a small amount of coconut oil into the ends of your hair when you brush it to prevent flyaways and split ends.

Retain the Thickness

Once you approach the fifties, that’s it – your hair will become thinner and lustless. But don’t panic, all is not lost. There are various things you can do to to get your hair nice and thick again. Some women prefer to take tablets that contain Propecia as they can strengthen the hair follicles and increase hair growth. These are often taken alongside the oestrogen pill, which is known for being a hair thinner. There are other ways to improve hair growth and thickness. Shampoos that have been fortified with caffeine can help to improve the thickness of hair and are often available over the counter. Some women also swear by regular scalp massages, as they are great for improving blood flow to the scalp.

Find a Good Hair Stylist For a Cool New Look 

Do you know how long you have had your current hairstyle for? If it has been a few years, it’s time for a cut. Can’t remember when you had your current style cut in? Then it is definitely time for a cut! Hairstyles can quickly come and go, so if you have had yours for a few years, the chances are that it is no longer in fashion. It might also be strongly associated with a past decade. If that is the case with yours, then it will certainly be ageing you!

Hair Health And Beauty
Time to find a good hair stylist for a cool new look!

So, why not treat yourself to a new ‘do? Another advantage of changing your hairstyle is that a new look could be just what you need to hide a receding hairline. Receding hairlines are strongly associated with men, but, unfortunately, women are often affected by them too. To cover up your hairline, ask your hairstylist to cut in some side bangs.

Try on a New Hair Colour

I’ve previously mentioned that hair starts to thin out as you age, which can be quite unsettling for most women. One subtle way to deal with this is to add some lowlights or highlights to your mane. This can help to hide your grey hairs while also creating the illusion of a thick head of hair. Once you get to a certain age, you shouldn’t dye your hair in one blanket colour. This can make your locks appear very flat.

Hair Health and Beauty
Hair Health And Beauty – Try on a new hair colour

However, using lowlights and highlights give your hair some dimension, making it look extremely thick and luscious. Be careful not to colour your hair with dramatic colours, either, as these can emphasise an ageing face. Instead, stick to soft caramels, honey blondes, and rich auburn reds.

Avoid Middle Parting Hairstyles

If you have a middle parting, you will find that it accentuates the wrinkles and age lines on your face. And no one wants that! So, once you hit middle age, you might find that your overall look improves if you avoid middle parting hairstyles and swap to a side parting. Even better, go for a style that doesn’t require a parting at all! As well as making you look younger, you will find that getting rid of your center parting helps to take the attention off your receding hairline.

A middle parting will accentuate the wrinkles and age lines on your face.

Switch Up Your Products

Hair can get used to the same products. So, if you have been using the same conditioner, shampoo, and hair styling products for quite a few years now, you will notice a big difference in your hair if you switch to some different ones. When you are looking for new products, try and find ones that have ingredients that are known for their hair benefits.

For instance, shampoos with caffeine in can increase the thickness of your hair. Products that contain zinc and vitamin B12 can greatly improve the overall health of hair and make it look very shiny and soft. It’s also important to try and find hair products that will be beneficial to your scalp and hair cuticles. The cuticle is made up of a similar tissue to the scalp, so what is good for the scalp will be good for the cuticle!

Hair Health And Beauty
Hair Health And Beauty Tips –

Just because we are getting older doesn’t mean we have to live with bad hair. If you use all of these fantastic tips, you will find that every single day is a good hair day!



Hair Health And Beauty - The Ultimate Guide To Looking After Aging Hair
Hair Health And Beauty – The Ultimate Guide To Looking After Aging Hair

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