Hairstyles For Thin Hair – 5 Ways to Create More Volume in Your Hair

Hairstyles for Thin Hair

 5 ways to create more volume in your hair

Many women have problems with volume-challenged hair. When they see women with voluminous hair who look gorgeous, they also want a fuller look. From a certain age, you will find that your hair starts changing, it might become quite a bit thinner and drier than what it once was.

Unfortunately, there are not really many cool hairstyles for thin hair the way it is. But what if you can create more volume in your hair today? There are some simple tricks you should read about! Here are a few cool new hairstyles for thin hair and some easy tips that can make your hair dreamy all the time. 

Red Low- and Highlights to Create a Sparkling Dimension

  1. Blow-Drying Upside Down

There are various blow-drying techniques, but you can try this one if you want more volume. It is easy, you just need to flip your head upside down to make the roots lift off the scalp. Your hair dries faster. It’s one of the most effective ways because the results are fast and evident. Many hairstylists do and recommend it.

Cute Platinum Blonde Pixie With Longer Slanted Fringe 

Hairstyles For Thin Hair - 5 Easy Ways to Create More Volume in Your Hair

  2. Hair Extensions 

It is always an option! Some women can use hair extensions to have longer hair, some can do it for the volume. They are trendy and look nice, and real professionals can make them look natural. You can also put them in on your own, you just need to blend them with your natural hair perfectly. Pick an adequate colour first, and it is half of the work.It shouldn’t be difficult, and there are many tutorials that can help you. No matter if you choose to do it by yourself or see a professional, this alternative is safe because extensions cannot damage your natural hair in any way. However, you need to be prepared to care for them properly. It is a responsibility and you need to inform yourself well on how to do it right. 

Straight Layered Extensions With Chunky Highlights 

Hairstyles For Thin Hair - 5 Easy Ways to Create More Volume in Your Hair

Wispy Razor Cut For Women Who Want to Stand Out


 3. Volumizing Shampoo

Why not also try a shampoo that will make your hair fabulous? When it comes to volume-building shampoos, you have so many options! If you are ready to invest more money than usual, many recommend Bumble and Bumble Thickening Volume Shampoo, or perhaps Aveda Pure Abundance Volumizing Shampoo. Check them all out on the Internet to find even more suggestions. You can experiment with several shampoos to find the one that is the most suitable for your hair. Each hair type requires a specific one.

Looking For a Short, Low Maintenance Hairstyle?

  4. Scalp Massage

Did you know that healthy circulation nourishes hair follicles? This means that a simple scalp massage can do a lot for your hair, especially the volume! If you do it regularly, you will stimulate the blood flow into your hair follicles. After a while, you will start noticing great results! You won’t have problems with thin hair anymore.

If you remember to add hair treatment oil (use the ones that are lightweight) as well, it will be even more effective! When you rub your scalp with your fingertips, massage the entire head. The motions need to be circular and the perfect time for it is before applying shampoo.

Pixie Cuts Work Like Magic in Achieving More Volume

Hairstyles For Thin Hair

  5. Wavy Hairstyle

This is also a great tip if you have a bad hair day! Waves can fix it and make it less noticeable. Basically, you get to kill two birds with one stone. Many women turn to wavy hairstyles to create more volume. If you already have somewhat wavy or curly hair, you don’t need to put too much effort into it. However, those with straight hair will need to invest more time in achieving this look. But don’t worry, it is worth it because you will look fantastic! 

Wavy Bob Haircut Style With Ash Blonde Highlights

Hairstyles For Thin Hair - 5 Easy Ways to Create More Volume in Your Hair

As you can see, having voluminous hair is not difficult. You just need to learn how to blow-dry it and massage your scalp. Opt for a good shampoo that will do the work, but if you want your hair to be as fabulous as it can be, considering hair extensions is not a bad idea. You can always try different wavy hairstyles as well. Try all these things and get great results fast!

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Gorgeous Hairstyles For Thin Hair -
Gorgeous Hairstyles For Thin Hair –


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Zala Hair
1 year ago

Great share!! I love all the hairstyles recommended by you for thin hair. Keep sharing!!

3 years ago

Handige tips. Ik heb zelf ook dun haar: meestal laat ik het in een Bob Lijn knippen

Rachael Stray
Rachael Stray
3 years ago

Great tips!

3 years ago

There are never too many style tips. Thank you very much for the article!