Help Guide – How Do You Learn To Love Yourself?

 Help Guide 

Finding Happiness Within Yourself

Help Guide - Finding Happiness Within Yourself
Help Guide – Finding Happiness..


How Do You Learn To Love Yourself? 

It must be a great feeling to become truly happy with every aspect of your body. Unfortunately, not many of us fall into that category; we will always find something on us that can be nitpicked at or that we want to change. Social media and the rise of celebrities definitely haven’t helped over the past few decades. 

I thought, my way of thinking, looking at life’s capers and working on creating my own happiness might be inspiring for you. It took me some time, but finding happiness within yourself is possible and easier to achieve than you might guess! Thus, I wrote down my thoughts and created this little ‘Help Guide’ for you.

Whereas normal Mums will be looking at their stretch marks, saggy skin and bits of body that have gotten significantly bigger than they were before, we have famous female models in front of us every day who have had kids yet are the same if not more perfect than before. There’s a lot of fake and swindle going on, don’t believe everything you see!

 Help Guide - How Do You Learn To Love Yourself
Finding happiness within yourself starts with quit looking at famous female models 

It is not all REAL!

What we need to realise is that all those famous female models have the money and power to command a team of experts to tell them and teach them everything they need to know to avoid looking like a regular Mum. They have people airbrushing photos of them to file away the stretch marks for a later date, they pay someone to take care of their child or children while they also pay a trainer to take them out exercising for the day and have so much privilege compared to everyday Moms that it’s a wonder that we’re even comparing ourselves to them.  

Help Guide Finding Happiness Within Yourself

What about us?

This means that it’s harder for us to accept and love ourselves. Let’s face it – we only have one body and one life, so we may as well learn to adore the very essence of our being. If you are a mother yourself, think about how much love your children feel for you; to them, you are perfect! Why can’t we see that ourselves?

Help Guide
Help Guide – Finding Happiness Within Yourself    
Nobody can make you happy until you are happy within yourself first. The more you learn to love yourself, the more beautiful you become!

How do you learn to love yourself?

There are so many changes that we can make to our health and lifestyle that they’re immeasurable. Where do we begin? Where do we even think to start from? Start from the one thing that is holding you up. You may have a number of things that are stopping you on a daily basis from finding happiness within yourself, but there will be one that trumps them all. Focus on that and do some research into what is needed to be done to rid yourself of this negative feeling.

If it is your weight then exercise, a diet and even supplements for weightloss could be the thing that you need to look into before taking more extreme measures. If it is a beauty focus then investment into some good makeup and easy makeup tutorials (either online or at a beauty counter) can help with your confidence.


How to stop doubting yourself

A lot of the time, we are worried about what people think of us. We are so caught up in everybody else’s opinions of ourselves that we aren’t giving ourselves an inch to begin to love. If you ask somebody to write down what they thought of you unless you were truly not a nice person they would focus on your internal qualities first, ending with your external qualities. Don’t be so hard on yourself – to at least one person in this world, you are perfect!

 Help Guide
Help Guide – How Do You Learn To Love Yourself?

Take good care of yourself!

Klaudia xx



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Lee Gaitan
7 years ago

Really great post about an important topic that so many of us, particularly women, still struggle with, no matter our age and insight! Some really good suggestions.