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Home Defense Pest Control 

How To Get Rid Of Common Household Bugs & Co.

Home Defense Pest Control
Home Defense Pest Control – How To Get Rid Of Common Household Bugs

Even the cleanest and most well-maintained properties can have issues with pests at times. When it’s us vs. nature, often nature will find a way into our cozy homes! Our houses provide them with the perfect environment to breed, eat and thrive- and so knowing how to deter and get rid of them is important. While some pests are just annoying, others can cause severe damage to property, and some are even a health hazard. Here are some of the most common household bugs & pests you’re likely to see in your home, and how you can get rid of them.


 Home Defense Pest Control Tips

 1. Ants

Most people have experienced tiny ant infestations at one time or another. Black garden ants can usually just be controlled with a DIY product; you can buy powders, sprays and ‘bait’ traps which can all be effective. Larger infestations, or problems with harder to manage ant species, are probably going to a house ant control specialist.

Home Defense Pest Control
Home Defense Pest Control Tips –©

This will make sure that they don’t keep coming back. Ants aren’t considered as a significant health hazard, although it’s important to get rid of any uncovered food that they could have touched. You don’t know what they have walked over beforehand. Because ants usually enter homes in search of food, make sure everything is properly cleared away which will deter them from entering in most cases.

Put food in sealed containers, and make sure things like food and drink spills are quickly cleared up, even if it’s just a couple of crumbs on a floor or work surface. Check around pets bowls, and anywhere children could have dropped things too. Look for any cracks or gaps along skirting boards where ants could be getting in, and fill this with sealant or filler.

2. Mice

Mice can often be found in buildings as they like warm and sheltered spots to nest. Plus when they enter our homes, they’ll usually find all kinds of things that they’re able to eat since they will nibble on just about anything.

Home Defense Pest Control
Home Defense Pest Control Tips –©

Traps and bait stations (which provide poisoned food) are two ways you can deal with any mice at home. Mice do pose health issues to humans; they spread diseases such as salmonella and listeria which cause food poisoning. They also cause damage to the home by gnawing, and can even chew through electrical cables resulting in very expensive repairs.

Home Defense Pest Control Tips -©
Mice spread diseases such as salmonella and listeria

If you’re still seeing signs of mouse activity such as droppings, oil smears and gnawing damage despite using DIY methods, it’s time to call in an exterminator. Mice breed extremely quickly, and so the faster you get the issue sorted the better. Making sure your home is clean, and clutter free will help you spot any issues quickly. Going round and sealing any cracks and crevices is important, mice can squeeze through the tiniest of gaps so bear this in mind. Efficiently storing ingredients in your pantry can also be useful too. For example, rather than store packets on the shelves, you could put things into sealed glass jars instead. This will not only keep them usable for longer, but you’ll keep pests out.

3. Carpet Moths

Carpet moths can cause extreme damage to your carpets and fabrics, in a shockingly short amount of time. The moth will fly in through an open window and lay its larvae in a dark, undisturbed corner. There the grubs will quite literally feast on your carpets rendering them completely bald. If you’re noticing lots of small moths around the home, it’s a clue that you’ve been infested. They fly out to mate before returning to the scene of the crime where they lay more eggs, and the cycle starts all over again.

Home Defense Pest Control
Home Defense Pest Control Tips –©

Regular vacuuming can help, but since they like undisturbed areas, you’ll have to hunt them down.Look right the way along skirting boards where the vacuum could have missed, and pull out large items of furniture such as closets and beds. Once you find where they’ve been hiding, vacuum the area thoroughly and put down an insect killer. You may have to keep repeating the process until they are completely eliminated. They’re not harmful to humans but of course, can cause some serious damage to both furniture and clothing.

If you happen to know any more tips on getting rid of these unwanted squatters please tell us about in the comment section below. If you are a blogger yourself, make sure to include a link to your website so I can easily find you and reciprocate.

Thanks a lot for reading,

Klaudia xx


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gail easton
gail easton

after using poison to get rid of the mice we got one of these plug in things to keep them away , so far no mice that’s nearly a year mouse free, but you have to use them properly they have to be in a socket on an outside wall and one only per circuit. we are lucky we only have one circuit for all the sockets in the house a friend is over run she didnt realise it needed to be on a wall that was not just s dividing wall and that she only needed one per circuit

Levi Brody

Thank you so much for these great at-home tips for dealing with common household pests. I agree that even the cleanest of homes can experience a pest infestation, even when it comes to things such as bedbugs. That being said, for those experiencing a serious pest issue, it is important to contact a reputable exterminator to help evaluate and resolve the problem to prevent a recurring infestation.


Ugh, the pantry moths are horrible! Just when you think they are gone…they’re back.


fall seems to be one of the worst times for our homes, I have all ready seen a field mouse that has snuck in the house and ants are always bad in the summer thank you for sharing
come see us at

Aish Padihari

I had that problem of small moths all over my pantry and it drove me nuts. I had to de-sanitize the whole kitchen area and I finally could get rid of them. I threw away all dry and open stuff in my pantry but it was worth it.


Helpful tips, but now I really wish and hope I don’t need them, ever haha

Anna R Palmer
Anna R Palmer

Ugh. We have mice…which our cat brings in alive. My kids love them. Me…not so much.


Pests are terrible!!!!! Good to have tips to get rid of them!!


Hopefully you never have to deal with bedbugs. Those things are the spawn of satan himself!