Home Fix Checklist – Free Printable DIY Home Repair Guide

Home Fix Checklist

Free Printable DIY Home Repair Guide 

Home Fix Checklist
Home Fix Checklist  –  DIY Home Repair Guide  –   klaudiascorner.net

When an animal emerges from its winter hibernation, the first thing they do is to go outside and find food. Once this basic need is met, they will then take steps to fix any damage to their home. We go through a similar process, though we don’t actually hibernate. Because we have access to food all year long, one of our first tasks as spring approaches is to assess any seasonal damage to our home and prepare for the warmer months ahead.


Get Out Of Hibernation !

– Your Home Fix Checklist –


  • Assess The Damage

Winter can cause havoc in our homes and gardens. The worst of this tends to be confined to outdoors. So it’s useful to walk around your property and make a list of any damage.

  • Fences And Walls

Check fences and walls for signs of wear. Wet and windy weather can seep into building materials, slowly eroding them and causing issues. Fix the damage and provide an extra coat of wood protector where applicable.

  • Garden Clearout

High winds, storms, and heavy rain cause twigs and branches to snap and blow debris into the garden. Before you start to prune and trim back hedges, clear any garden waste that has accumulated.

Home Fix Checklist
Home Fix Checklist  –  klaudiascorner.net
  • Paths And Driveways

Wet weather seeps into cracks and erodes pathways and drives. This can cause cracks and even potholes which present a tripping or driving hazard. Clean down paths with a water jet power washer and take stock of any damage.

  • Roof And Walls

Check roofs and walls for tell-tale signs of winter erosion. Water stains on walls may indicate a problem with a drainpipe or with a blocked gutter. Use binoculars to spot slipped tiles or chimney- and fireplace draft problems. Standing in the loft with the light switched off will also highlight any cracks or holes.

Home Fix Checklist
Home Fix Checklist  –   Look out for slipped tiles or chimney- and fireplace draft problems
  • Unwanted Visitors

Look for signs of unwanted visitors who have set up home during the colder weather. Take immediate action and find the best pest control company to suit your needs.

Home Fix Checklist
Take action & find the best pest control company to get rid of unwanted visitors
  • Windows And Doors

A visual check should identify common problems with windows and doors. Damage to caulking could cause gaps to appear between the window and wall. Check for cracks and wear to sealants. Condensation or liquid between panels can also indicate a problem.

  • A Lick Of Paint

One of the outcomes of inclement weather is that paintwork begins to peel and chip. A quick lick of paint is usually all it takes to get your property back into shape and looking fresh.

  • Home Boiler Maintenance

If your boiler check is due, call your supplier to ensure it is up to code and working efficiently.

  • Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Checking your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors should be a monthly task. Make sure you place the checks in your new diary.

Home Fix Checklist
A clean home, fresh flowers on the table to get out of hibernation and welcome spring!
  • Spring Cleaning

There’s lots of tradition surrounding the idea of spring cleaning. After the dark months, we open up our homes to welcome in the light and sunshine. Everything suddenly begins to wake up, and we enjoy the promise and renewal of a new season. Cleaning prepares us for a new kind of living, one that is less focused on the home and revolves around the garden and outdoors.

What steps do you take to fix your home between winter and spring? Do you have any traditions or rituals to welcome in the new season?


Your Free Printable DIY Home Repair Guide:

Home Fix Checklist
Free Printable DIY Home Repair Guide

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Very useful list. Thanks for sharing.