Home Improvement Tips – When To Rather Leave It To The Pros

Home Improvement Tips

When To Rather Leave it to The PROS

As a devout do-it-yourself-er, you love nothing more than strapping on the ol’ tool belt and tackling whatever projects need getting done around the house. In addition to saving money by doing the work yourself, you are proud of your ability to improve the look and feel of your home.

But while you would love to take care of all home improvement projects yourself , you also understand that there are certain cases where to call in the experts is the way to go. With this in mind, let’s look at three home improvement tips on tasks you should never do on your own.

   • Replace the Water Heater

If your water heater is more than 10 years old and your hot water runs out before you finish washing a sink full of dishes, it is probably time to replace the water heater. After researching the new water heater cost, you might be tempted to replace the water heater on your own. But you should definitely leave this task to a professional plumber, as this will ensure that gas, electrical and plumbing lines are installed correctly and are up to code.

Home Improvement Tips - When To Rather Leave It To The Pros
img Christopher  Hire a plumber to replace the water heater 

In the case of an electric water heater, there are 240 volts of electricity to contend with, and you don’t want to run the risk of being shocked. If it’s a gas heater, improperly installing the unit will lead to dangerous gas leaks. As for the water heater prices, it varies by make and model – it’s worth browsing websites like Home Fix Planet to see where you can get the best deal and then hire a plumber to install your new unit.

   • Waterproofing the Basement

It is disheartening to walk down to the basement only to find your Christmas decorations up to Santa’s knees in standing water. While you might be determined to find and fix the source of the leak and waterproof the basement, Reader’s Digest strongly urges you to call in a pro. To properly waterproof an area under a home, you must dig a hole – which often involves hiring small equipment – then apply waterproofing material before back filling the hole.

Home Improvement Tips - When To Rather Leave It To The Pros
img nusitegroup  Waterproofing the basement is not done quickly   

If the job is not done quickly and properly, the hole in the ground can be left open too long, leading to more rain getting into it and causing a cave in. It’s better to call a professional to waterproof the basement; he or she can provide the digging equipment and get the job done as quickly as possible.

   • Adding Crown Molding

If you enjoy watching home improvement shows, you have probably seen how adding crown molding makes a huge difference in the look of a room. What the shows don’t portray is how challenging it can be to properly install the molding. According to Realtor.com’s home improvement tips, walls inside homes are never truly straight – not even in a brand new house.

While you might be tempted to add some caulk to the uneven areas, it can be difficult to apply. Instead, hire a professional who handles difficult crown molding jobs all day long. He or she will probably use a technique called scribing, which involves shaping the crown molding so that it will fit perfectly up against the walls.

After all, the most precious tip of all home improvement tips ever given: Better to be safe than sorry! Your personal safety and that of your family is more important than possibly saving a few bucks. Fortunately, there are still plenty of DIY projects that you can easily tackle around the house on any given weekend that will give you that sense of accomplishment you crave.

   • Renovating Your Basement

Even though it may be tempting to put your home improvement skills to test and try and renovate your basement yourself it’s best to hire a professional for the job. Most homeowners don’t know about specific codes that need to be met when renovating an area of their home and how they might need permission from their town before starting the project.  A skilled contractor will be aware of the process and help you get the permit you might need. Also, they can easily create structural damage to their home during the process and not give their furnace the right ventilation it needs. By hiring a professional to renovate your basement you’ll be saving a lot of precious time and money and avoid being disappointed with the results. A trained professional will know how much time is required to get the job done correctly and will ensure that your plumbing and electrical systems aren’t affected during the renovation.

Stay creative and safe!



Home Improvement Tips
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