Household Cleaning Ideas – How To Manage Your House Cleaning Jobs Much Easier

Household Cleaning Ideas 

How To Manage Your House Cleaning Jobs Much Easier

Even if you pride yourself on keeping a tidy home, there are some house cleaning jobs that just don’t get done on a regular day of cleaning. So every once in a while, it’s good practice to go in and have a really deep clean and a sort out. Spring cleaning is a popular concept but no need to wait around, if you’re feeling motivated then take advantage and drag out your cleaning supplies! Here are some tips to follow to get your home feeling fresher than it ever has.

Household Cleaning Ideas
Household Cleaning Ideas – How To Manage Your House Cleaning Jobs Much Easier

9 Useful Household Cleaning Ideas To Help You Managing Your House Cleaning Jobs Much Easier

1. How  to  Declutter  a House

The first step to any deep clean is to declutter. Get rid of everything you no longer need, when you get rid of old things it frees up space for the items you do use and love. If you struggle with this, get three big boxes and label them ‘bin’ ‘charity shop’ and ‘friends and family.’ When you’re deciding if something should stay or go, this can help you make decisions a little easier. Some things are clear choices for the bin- anything that’s worn, has rips or holes, is broken or doesn’t function properly.

Household Cleaning Ideas & Tips
Household Cleaning Ideas – Take your goodies to the flea market 

But others it’s not so clear-cut when things are in good condition, but you just don’t use them it’s a waste to throw so people can hold onto things. Knowing that you will be giving then to someone who will get better use out of them makes it easier to let go. If you don’t want to just give it all away, how’s about selling some items on the flea market? Go through every cupboard, drawer and storage box. This process itself might take a while, but once it’s done you’ll feel much lighter, and the process of cleaning will be far easier.

2. Deep  Clean

Deep cleaning takes time, but it’s so worth doing at least once a year. Start by removing all furniture from the room, this makes it so much easier to access everything. It allows you to thoroughly vacuum in areas where you can’t usually reach such as under the bed and other heavy furniture. You can remove all accumulated dust and debris (don’t forget blinds, the tops of skirting boards and the tops of doors), if you have allergy sufferers in the house they will feel a whole lot better as a result of this.

Household Cleaning Ideas & Tips
Household Cleaning Ideas – Use a powerful carpet cleaner 

Thoroughly vacuum then use a powerful carpet cleaner to get the carpets in ship shape, you can hire these relatively cheaply or have a professional company come out and do this for you. With the furniture out of the way, you can address any mold issues too. It’s easy for black mold to accumulate over the winter, with it being warm inside and cold outside condensation is an issue. The moisture from this causes mold spores to thrive, and as well as looking awful it’s bad for your health too. Use an anti-mold fungicide cleaner, if the room needs freshening up you could paint it with an anti-mold paint too.

3. Air  it  Out

Speaking of mold, this is something that you can help to avoid by airing out the home. This is also beneficial as it gets rid of stale air and allows clean, fresh air to circulate. While it’s still a little chilly, chances are all of the cleaning will have warmed you up a little! So get the windows open and give it plenty of fresh air. You could consider air cleaners for the home and buy an air purifier, these get rid of tobacco smoke, allergens, and dust which clears the air and is also beneficial for your health.

Household Cleaning Ideas - Manage Your House Cleaning Jobs Much Easier
Consider air cleaners for the home to make it smell fresh & clean

4. Reorganizing

Next, you can bring each piece of furniture back into the room one by one. Give everything a thorough clean, and organize each drawer and cupboard. Since you’ve already decluttered this process should be far easier. Invest in some good storage solutions- baskets, boxes, and drawer dividers will all help to keep your possessions neat and ensure that everything has a place. This makes keeping on top of cleaning and tidying much easier, and things aren’t constantly being thrown in the wrong place or left to accumulate as clutter.

5. Wash  or  Replace  Soft  Furnishings

Aside from your bed which you will ideally be washing every week, your soft furnishings probably don’t get washed all that often. When you’re deep cleaning, it’s the time to tackle these. Curtains, for example, can hold onto dirt, pollution, and allergens which blow in through the window. Follow the instructions carefully to wash and dry them. Cushion covers, throws, rugs, these are all things which hold onto dirt, smells and dust mites.

Household Cleaning Ideas & Tips
Household Cleaning Ideas – Replace mattresses, pillows, and duvets every few years

Replace pillows every year or two, and duvets every three to five. If your cushions have gone flat, throw them away and replace with some nice plush ones. It will revamp your home and give it a fresh and clean new feel. Mattresses should be replaced every seven years, if yours is still within that time you can keep it in good condition by regularly vacuuming it. There’s a special attachment on most vacuum cleaners which can suck out dust and debris. 

Other soft furnishings to wash are pet beds for dogs or cats. Again this should be done each week to keep the home smelling fresh. It’s a good idea to buy plastic dog beds. That way you can add washable blankets for comfort, and the bed can be wiped down with a disinfectant regularly to stop the home developing a dog smell. You could encourage them to sleep in their own bed rather than on rugs, carpet, sofas or your bed.

Household Cleaning Ideas
Household cleaning ideas – Opt for plastic dog beds as they are easier to keep clean

6. The  Windows

Again the windows probably aren’t something you clean on a regular day of cleaning and tidying. Go through the home and carefully clean each window as well as the sill. If you’re not good on ladders, you could get a professional window cleaning company to do the outside. Clean your front and back door too which can get grubby and ruin the curb appeal of your home. Using the same technique, clean all of the mirrors in your home. A good window cleaning product and plenty of paper towels will give you the best, sparkling finish. There are loads of tutorials online you could check out first if you always end up with smears and fogged up glass.

7. Clean  Light  Fittings

With light fittings being right up on the ceiling, they’re easy to forget about when it comes to cleaning. It’s only when you go to change a light bulb you think wow look at this dust! Get up on a step ladder and carefully clean each fixture, certain types of light fittings can house masses of dust and dead insects, so you’ll want to get all of that removed. Now is a good chance to go around replacing any blown light bulb too, if you opt for an energy saving bulb you shouldn’t have to do it again for a really long time and they’re cheaper to run too. Plus as an added bonus they’re better for the environment.

Household Cleaning Ideas
Opt for an energy saving bulb when changing broken bulbs!

8. Clean  Electricals

Electricals are traps for dust and bacteria. Every so often you should clean things like keyboards where debris and other nasties can lurk between the keys. Even remote controls can be a health hazard due to being touched by grubby hands. Dust can clog up the fan on computers so if you have the know-how, you could give this a good clean. If not, take it to a computer shop. Give your phones and tablets a clean down with an antibacterial wipe- these things can contain more bacteria than a toilet seat! Proceed with caution when cleaning electrics, it goes without saying that you don’t want to be using a cloth which is too damp. Have a look online for instructions if you’re not sure.

Household Cleaning Ideas
Household Cleaning Ideas – Proceed with caution when cleaning electrics!

9. Maintain  It

Once your home is clean, tidy and organised, it should be so much easier to keep on top of it. You could create a cleaning rota and assign jobs to family members and all pitch in to keep the home in ship shape. If you lead a busy lifestyle, you could consider looking into a house cleaning maid service. This means all of your daily tasks are kept on top of, and you can get on with whatever you need to do without worrying about the house. Either way, with the right upkeep your home will stay looking beautiful and feeling clean and fresh. You could set a rule for no food and drink upstairs, or no shoes in the house. You could set jobs for children to do to earn their pocket money.

Household Cleaning Ideas
You could consider looking into a house cleaning maid service

Our homes are our castles, so you should aim to keep yours clean and tidy as well as a healthy place to be. A comfortable and relaxing home allows us to reduce stress levels and feel safe and happy, which is so important when we all lead such busy lives. Keeping a tidy and serene environment is good for both mental and physical health, so is something not to overlook in your everyday life. Are you a fan of the annual spring cleanor do you just go for it whenever the motivation hits?

Thanks a lot for your time!

Klaudia xx


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7 years ago

Wonderful ideas and suggestions. I absolutely hate doing laundry…lol. I’m determined to get it done today so my weekend is free 🙂

7 years ago

I love cleaning and organizing. Before I had my daughter I had a schedule and everything. People wanted me to come to their house to organize but than when I had my baby. Things were getting crazy and messy so i had adjust everything but it does release any stress.