How Embarrassing! 5 Situations We Try To Avoid In Our Daily Lives

How Embarrassing!

5 Situations We Try To Avoid In Our Daily Lives

Life is full of uncomfortable moments and sometimes they are unavoidable. As much as we try to avoid these situations, somehow we still get caught up in them. The worst part is when you feel your body heat rise like a volcano. How Embarrassing! Even though it may be embarrassing, sweating is actually good for your body.

Sweating is natural and helps to regulate body temperature. In stressful situations, our body tries to cool down by sweating. In some cases, there are times where our body cannot control our sweat. So the question is, Can Sweating be Bad for You? Here are five situations where we are most likely to sweat:

   1. First Dates / Blind Dates

First dates or blind dates are the most uncomfortable because you are meeting for the first time. It can get real awkward real fast. Your heart has started to beat and your palms get sweaty. They pull out their hand as you go to shake theirs.

How Embarrassing! Five Situations We Try To Avoid In Our Daily Lives
How embarrassing …their expression as your sweaty palm meets their hand.

You notice their expression as your sweaty palm meets their hand… how embarrassing! Just a tip, as you are walking towards someone to shake their hand, slightly wipe your hand on your pants. By the time you shake their hand, your hand is not as sweaty. If you want to learn more, read up on how to make a good impression on a first date.

   2. Public Speaking

This has to be the worst one on the list as it’s the most terrifying. Having a project where you have to speak in front of people, such as in a work, school, or in a public setting has to be the worst there ever was. You start to sweat profusely as you start to stumble over your words and the whole room goes silent. All you feel is the hundreds of little eyes staring at you as they judge you. It’s hard, but there are ways to handle those types of situations. Tip: practice in front of the mirror as many times as you need before your presentation.

How Embarrassing! five situations we try to avoid in our daily lives
How embarrassing …hundreds of little eyes staring at you as they judge you.

When you’re in a room, focus on one thing in the far back where you can put all your attention as you speak. Trust me, it’s better than making it more awkward as you stare into someone’s eyes and do your presentation.

   3. Telling the Truth to Your Parents

This one is awkward, especially if it’s pretty bad. Just know they are your parents and they might go easy on you. Yes, they will be mad at first, but in the end, you will feel better by telling them the truth and they will forgive you… eventually. Give them time and listen, don’t argue back. It will only escalate the situation more.

   4. Job Interview

Job interviews are tough, especially when you don’t really know what you’re getting yourself into. Sometimes they are easy and other times the questions just throw you off. Just be yourself and, if anything, have the interviewer explain the question a little more. Sometimes the questions are not to the point and the interviewer will give you a scenario hoping to help you out.

   5. Using the Right Deodorant

According to an article in the New York Times, almost half of us are using the wrong deodorant or antiperspirant spray. Antiperspirant controls the sweat. Deodorant masks the odour. You can apply either one, not only in the morning, but also before bedtime, and not only to your armpits but also to your feet. Maybe changing our deodorant routine would help us in certain situations, such as the ones talked about above.

There you have it, these are just some of the toughest situations that we have to go through in life. They might stump you, but if you are honest to yourself, I’m sure you would just slide your way through these sticky situations. Who knows, maybe in the end you might be able to conquer more situations like that in the future. Confidence is the key to any situation, so don’t be afraid to keep your head up high and take a deep breath before heading into these awkward types of situations.

Oh, and use that deodorant!

Klaudia xx


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How Embarrassing! Five situations we try to avoid in our daily lives.
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