How To Be More Social & Confident – 4 Tips To Improve Your Social Skills

How To Be More Social & Confident

4 tips to improve your social skills

For many people, interacting with others in a social setting, whether it is outside enjoying a moment with colleagues, social media influencer, conspiracy theorists, health fanatics or life enjoyers, newfangled shisha smokers or vapers – it can be a stressful endeavour. A lack of confidence or nagging worries about what others think can create a seemingly impossible hurdle to making new acquaintances, especially for elderly people.

How To Be More Social & Confident - 4 Tips To Improve Your Social Skills

And this pandemic we are all struggling with at the moment doesn’t make socializing any easier. By the way, considering the current very few opportunities to relate with others who still might like to smoke or vape offers a few really great guides on anything about and around vaping.

No Obligation!

It is important to remember that we are not obliged to do anything that makes us uncomfortable while trying to improve our sociability. Hanging out in a pub or joining a strictly social Zoom call simply because we are invited is not for everyone. If participating in a social activity produces anxiety or does not provide good feelings, then declining the invitation may be the smarter choice. Feeling awkward in a social situation is normal and taking the initiative to spark a conversation will go a long way in building confidence.

How To Be More Social & Confident - 4 Tips To Improve Your Social Skills

If the goal is to improve your social skills and overcome those feelings that hold us back, a few simple steps can open the door, according to Healthline. For most people, small talk is just a bit of back and forth with someone new. A way of trading a few words to pass the time while waiting for something to begin. It should be relaxed and casual, but how does it get started?

1. Break the Ice

One helpful trick is a simple introduction followed by a question. It can be about something nearby or an article you read, holidays, jobs or even clothing trends. People like a chance to tell something about themselves, exchange opinions, and once the door is open a conversation can begin.

2. Keep the Ears Open

A pleasant chat with a co-worker or with a stranger who might also enjoy a coffee and a puff is best when one person is actively listening. Avoid interrupting or providing negative comments and do ask follow-up questions, show interest and pay attention, don’t just sit there and keep looking elsewhere, keep eye contact with your counterpart.

3. Compliment from the Heart

Be open, be honest. It is perfectly OK to offer a compliment when you get to meet new people as long as it is honest. Offering approval of someone’s jacket, hair, make-up or their choice of living will click when it is truly felt. A trite phrase or canned comment can often have the opposite effect.

4. Make a Date

If it is large groups that cause uneasiness, reaching out to a friend for a one-on-one video chat or informal talk on a park bench is a good alternative to consider. Setting a goal to increase our confidence in social settings is achievable and will improve our overall outlook. Don’t be too shy or insecure on your first date, maybe your counterpart is politely waiting for you to do the first step. Go for it!

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How To Be More Social & Confident - 4 Tips To Improve Your Social Skills
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