How To Buy a Treadmill – 6 Features A Treadmill Should Have

How To Buy a Treadmill

6 features a treadmill should absolutely have

The best way to get in shape is to start with cardiovascular exercises. The most common cardiovascular exercise amongst fitness enthusiasts is jogging. For many of us, going to the gym to get a workout can be a bit daunting. The thought of sweating like an unfit mad man, on unfamiliar fitness machines in front of fitness junkies, is enough to keep us stepping foot into the facility. 

Moreover, if you aren’t fortunate enough to have a gym facility close to you, then you have the option of moving the gym into your own home. By means of a stationary treadmill. The benefits of using this popular fitness machine are endless. 

Where does the treadmill originate from?

The treadmill is a U.S. patented training machine that was invented in the early 1900s. Originally used to diagnose cardiovascular medical conditions, it soon became the go-to fitness machine for indoor exercising. Learn more about the history of the treadmill here:


So, how to buy a treadmill that will suit your needs?

The most beneficial aspect of owning a treadmill is that you can use it in the comfort of your own home. No matter the weather conditions outside of the level of fitness you are currently in. 

How To Buy a Treadmill - 6 Features A Treadmill Should Have
How to buy a treadmill that suits your needs –

Investing in a treadmill will save you many trips to the gym and will give you the freedom of exercising anytime you want. Opting for a cheaper less durable treadmill isn’t always the smartest option. You have to consider a few features before purchasing. Here are 6 important features you have to look into:

     1. Surface of the running belt

Keeping in mind your own height and size; the treadmill’s running surface should be an adequate size for you to run comfortably on. Also, consider the length of your strides when jogging or running at full speed. If the running belt isn’t big enough you will be forced to change your running style that can cause injury. A belt that is wide and long enough is efficient for someone with wider strides. Look into different belt lengths and widths to ensure you purchase a treadmill that fits your running style perfectly. 

      2. Controls

There’s nothing more boring than staring into the abyss while jogging at the same speed. That’s why treadmills have evolved to be an interactive fitness machine that can challenge your strength and endurance. Modern treadmills for home are designed with built-in features where you can choose and preset different speeds, inclines, and running modes. Having variety is great if you plan on jogging every single day. Acquiring a treadmill that is connected to Google Maps is extra exciting. A screen, that’s attached in clear view, displays different routes all around the world while automatically adjusting the incline and speed. Other controls can include an emergency stop and heart rate measures. 

How To Buy a Treadmill -
How to buy a treadmill • 6 features treadmills for home should have
      3. Motor Power 

The power of the motor is a very important aspect of the treadmill. This is the machine that makes the belt go around and round. In order to achieve great speeds, the motor should have the adequate horsepower. If you do a lot of speed training then you need to invest in a treadmill with full horsepower. The motor needs to be able to run continuously at top speed, so checking out the specifications of its duty motor is important. A higher-quality motor will also ensure a much quieter and smoother run. The Soundproof Pros article on the best quiet treadmills will give you an idea of near noiseless fitness machines available on the market. 

      4. Cushioning 

Running on hard surfaces causes immense strain on joints, especially knees and hips. Underestimating the importance of a treadmill’s cushioning feature can cause long term injuries. The surface underneath the running belt should be effectively cushioned for a comfortable run.

      5. Incline

The incline setting refers to the number of degrees the walking part of the treadmill can lift up. It mimics that of downhill and uphill road. Typical treadmills can reach a degree of 0-45 degrees. When you are in the market for a challenge, then you can shop around for treadmills where the incline is extremely steep. Some extreme treadmills can reach an incline of 100 degrees and beyond. Steep inclines are great features for athletes who are training for competitive sports. Learn more about inclines and how treadmills calculate them by clicking here. 

      6. General

If you don’t have a room in the house that’s completely dedicated to fitness, you will need a treadmill that doesn’t take up the whole living room. Home treadmills are able to fold up easily in order for the user to store it under a bed, in a closet or behind a divider. Make sure the fitness machine has rubber wheels at its front for easier mobility. As well as a rubber platform on which the machine lays to ensure it doesn’t move around while in use. 

A foot rail is another important feature that should be placed next to the walking belt as well as handrails. All of these features are there to provide safety and stability. Also, bear in mind your own body weight and check out what your treadmill’s weight limit is. Typical treadmills have a weight capacity that ranges between 220, 250, 300, and 450 pounds. 

By following the above guidelines, you should be able to purchase the perfect treadmill that will fit your personal cardiovascular exercising needs and also your weight loss goals for 2020.

Stay fit!

Klaudia xx


How To Buy a Treadmill - 6 Features A Treadmill Should Have
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