How To Enjoy Exercise More

How To Enjoy Exercise More

Although we all know that exercise is good for us, that doesn’t mean we all want to do it, or that we all enjoy it. However, since it is so vital for our health, it is important to try.How To Enjoy Exercise More One way to get more out of exercising is to make it more enjoyable; these helpful tips should give you a good start and ensure that exercise becomes much easier to bear.

     • Working out with a friend

Having someone with you when you work out will certainly help to make your gym session or fitness class, or even your brisk walk around the block, a lot more enjoyable. Even if you can’t talk during the workout, you’ll be able to chat about it afterwards and talk about what works for you and what doesn’t.

How To Enjoy Exercise More
How to Enjoy Exercise More – 5 Top Fitness Tips @

Not only is working out with someone else more fun, you’ll also feel more motivated to do it because you’ll be accountable to someone else.

    • Don’t eat

I’m not – of course – advocating that you stop eating altogether, but eating directly before a workout can make you feel unwell at worst, and just plain sluggish and uncomfortable at best. You should never eat a large meal and then head directly to the gym, for example, but in order to give yourself some additional energy, you can eat a little fruit or cereal before working out. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes to how much you enjoy your workout.

     • Stretch

Some people find that they ache too much after exercise and it puts them off trying it again, especially if that aching How To Enjoy Exercise Moreis having a negative effect on their day to day life at work or at home. The way to combat this is to ensure that you stretch properly before and after your workout. This gets the oxygen flowing to your muscles and makes them more relaxed and therefore easier to manipulate – they’ll hurt a lot less the next day if they haven’t been overworked.

   • Live a healthy lifestyle

If you’re working out and not seeing any results, that can be seriously off-putting. The reason might not be because of what you’re doing at the gym, but because of what you’re doing at home. If you’re eating junk food, smoking, or drinking excessively, for example, then your work at the gym will be undone.How To Enjoy Exercise More In order to stay motivated and to see results (and therefore make working out more enjoyable), you’ll need to match your lifestyle to your exercising.

Replace junk food with a healthy, well-balanced diet, cut down on your alcohol intake, and try e-cigarettes instead of tobacco; you can even learn vape tricks which can help with your motivation.      

     • Start gently

Something that often happens is that people decide they want to workout and they throw themselves into their new plan much too quickly. Rather than starting out gently at a speed that suits them, they try to do too much too soon, and that can lead to failure and demotivation. Start small and work up and not only will you enjoy it more, but you’ll also see results sooner too.

Go for it,

Klaudia xx


How to enjoy exercise more -
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scott penton
scott penton
5 years ago

Include meditation/concentration before workout, helps a lot