3 Brilliant Natural Ways to Beat The Symptoms Of Anxiety And Stress

How To Cure Anxiety

How To Cure Anxiety

3 Brilliant Natural Ways to Beat the Symptoms of Anxiety and Stress

~ by Wendy Dessler ~ 

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Kiss Anxiety Goodbye!

• Stress and fear are very closely related. Both of these cause anxiety. They are sometimes referred to as two sides of the same coin. When you experience fear, something causes it. It can be an immediate threat or something you have carried with you for years. When this shows up, you feel fear. Fear for your safety, fear of humiliation, fear of failure, or even fear of the unknown. The source of your fear is called a stressor. The stress is there, then the fear, followed by the stress of however you dealt with the situation. The entirety of this is considered anxiety.

• Back in the day, when the clock hit 5 P.M. everyone headed to the local bar for a drink and an unwinding time, that was nicknamed happy hour. But the creation of technology, competition for good jobs, and unyielding schedules make unwinding a weekend event if then. We use our smart devices and check our email at midnight. We type emails and business correspondence from home to save time. Everything we can do to squeeze as much into a week as possible, we do. Everything, except that time we need to relax and unwind.

how to cure anxiety
We type emails and business correspondence at midnight from home

• There are methods that help us beat stress and fear. These steps are not difficult but we must do them consciously. You have heard it said a million times to “just breath”. We associate that with comments like, “It will be okay.” or “This will pass.” but in fact, it is great advice. Physically, your body reacts to stress with a pounding heart, rise in blood pressure, and putting all your senses on high alert.

• So, how exactly to cure anxiety or at least ease the symptoms of anxiety and stress with just breathing? By breathing in deeply and exhaling slowly (while you concentrate on the breathing) your body will naturally calm down. The trick is to exhale longer than you inhaled. When you inhale count to 10 slowly. When you exhale count to 12. The number doesn’t matter, but you get the idea.

Beating the Symptoms of Anxiety and Stress

1. Natural Supplements

We sometimes need help adjusting our brains, body chemicals, and physical needs. This has lead to a major problem with people reaching for prescription drugs to calm down. The drugs are usually addictive and very hard to get off of once the addiction has taken hold,  Corpina Nootropics is the answer. This well-known industry leader produces natural supplements that will calm you, allow you to focus better, build your brain chemicals naturally and feel better quickly.

2. Dress up, Show up, Have Fun!

We need to move in order to rid our bodies of toxins, build our strength and muscles and maintain our health. But many of us would rather eat a worm than joining a gym. Exercise can be fun! Join a dance class, or another activity you enjoy. Get the right outfits so the fun begins before you even hit the dance floor when you put on a pair of Hip Hop dance pantsDress up, show up and have some fun!

How To Cure Anxiety
We need to move in order to rid our bodies of toxins.

3. Adult Colouring

Yes, you read that right. Adult colouring is a fantastic trend that is lowering the stress level of many adults across the nation. They make adult colouring books in themes that are interesting and beautiful. Creating the colourful pictures and staying in the lines requires concentration. This blocks out all the noise in your brain. So get a colouring book and just colour away your stress.

How To Cure Anxiety
How To Cure Anxiety  ~ Kiss Anxiety Goodbye  by Wendy Dessler

There are so many tips on how to cure anxiety and depression symptoms. You must find what works for you. Eat well, exercise, sleep and relax. When you need help with these things, try these helpful tips!

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How To Cure Anxiety - 3 Brilliant Natural Ways to Beat The Symptoms Of Anxiety And Stress

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