How To Fake It Until You Make It – Health & Beauty Quick Fixes: Are They Worth It?

How To Fake It Until You Make It

Health & Beauty Quick Fixes – Are They Worth It?

In a world where we’re not used to waiting, instant gratification is everything. Our food is mass produced and cultivated so that we no longer have to eat ‘seasonal produce.’ We can go to the nail salon and have cool fake nails glued onto our real ones, we don’t have to wait for them to grow. It’s no wonder that so many of us have become used to having these quick fixes. We don’t want to wait around for results anymore, we want them instantly.

How To Fake It Until You Make It
How to fake it until you make it –  cool fake nails ‘to go’ 

When is this a good thing, and when should we be waiting? The world of health and beauty has a whole load of instant game changers, but which should we be avoiding….

 • Tanning

There are lots of quick tanning solutions out there. In fact, instant tanning products have become a large section of most health and beauty stores. There’s more demand than ever to get a tan overnight. We all want to cut out the middleman, the sun in this case, and get the same results quicker. So is this a good thing or a bad thing?

How To Fake It Until You Make It
image   Instant Tanning Products

This quick fix is a very good thing, but only if you are using professional spray tanning salons or applying a tinted moisturiser. The sun’s rays are actually harmful to our skin. Sunbathing is not encouraged, even with sunscreen on. Over time basking in the sun could lead to skin discolouration, premature ageing, and even cancer. It’s far easier to prevent these side effects rather than cure them. 

How To Fake It Until You Make It
Getting a tan from instant tanning products is healthier than tanning naturally 

Thus, getting a tan from a bottle is a great and far healthier alternative for our skin. Lying on a sunbed is still harmful however and this is not a good quick fix. Sunbeds are said to offer more even tans, but the strobe lights are harmful to our bodies over time.

 • Toning

Getting toned or losing weight is one of the areas we want a quick fix the most. The problem is losing weight and being toned is an ongoing effort. One which requires commitment, sacrifices, and a whole lot of effort. Some people don’t have the time or motivation for slogging it out at the gym or their local park. But are the quick fixes best, or is good old hard work the way to go?

How To Fake It Until You Make It
How to fake it until you make it – Fake hair

Overall good old hard work is best. You may get the same results with a quick fix but it’s often costly and you could just put the weight back on. The great thing about quick fixes like non-invasive liposuction is that they can target more specific areas than exercise can.

5 Things to know about non-invasive liposuction:

Keeping weight off is about changing your lifestyle completely and sticking to it. There is no shortcut to being fit and healthy. You may remove fat with that non-invasive liposuction but it won’t make you stronger, fitter, or increase your stamina. Hard-work will though.

 • Makeup

For those of us who truly adore beauty and perfection skin disorders are a major issue. While waiting for the acne-, anti-aging-, or dry skin treatments to kick in, makeup is the perfect quick fix. It’s the go-to beauty staple for people looking to conceal, correct, and enhance their existing skin. So is it a good quick fix?

How To Fake It Until You Make It
For women who adore beauty skin disorders are a major issue

Makeup is probably the quickest quick fix. It can give us confidence in our appearance and help us to feel empowered. It’s the perfect way to enhance our natural skin. We should, however, be trying to treat underlying problems too. We shouldn’t be using makeup as a mask. Seek treatment for your skin problems and you’ll soon find you can wear less and less makeup, and still feel confident. I found this short amazing video on YouTube while browsing through some DIY dry skin treatments:

… how wonderful common Vaseline is for healing and reversing dry skin conditions

It’s remarkable how many great video clips on youtube you’ll find under the search term ‘how to fake it until you make it’ – it’s all about instant gratification. Many people downright adore beauty and perfection that fanatically, they would sacrifice a lot to look the best possible, but is it all worth it?

I am gonna leave you with that question …



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