How To Keep Your House Cool Without AC – The Essential Guide To Keeping Your Home Cool This Summer

How To Keep Your House Cool Without AC

How To Keep Your House Cool Without AC
How to keep your house cool without AC –
• Essential Guide on How to Keep Your House Cool Without AC • 

In warmer climates, keeping cool can become far more than a matter of comfort once summer hits. With peaks of 100 degrees or more, we need to ensure that the inside temperature gets nowhere near to resembling that of the outside. Whether you choose to use the AC or not, getting your home ready for the heat is essential, especially if the AC breaks. Here are a few things you can do in the lead up to the hottest weather, and a few tips on how to keep your house cool without AC during peak season.

Before the heat hits

• General Insulation Issues

Insulation is essential for our homes all year round. In cooler climates, the insulation keeps the heat in during winter, but it also keeps the heat out in summer, making homes far cheaper to heat and cool. In hotter climates, people ignore the need for general insulation far more. It can make it a whole lot cheaper to run the AC all summer long if the cool air isn’t constantly being replaced by hot air through the roof and walls. Simple layers of foil could be all you need to reflect the sun’s heat back through the roof.

How To Keep Your House Cool Without AC
image  Multi-layer foil could be all you need for your general insulation issues

• Get the Windows Fixed

When the walls and roof are working hard to keep the heat out, don’t let your windows be the weakest link. Any little gaps will allow the hot air from outside to penetrate. Good sash window hardware is essential for avoiding those little gaps, but also for keeping your home safe from intruders. If your windows are getting on a bit, a new set could be just what you need to cut your AC bills drastically.

Once the summer is here

• Close the blinds

If your AC goes wrong, close your blinds throughout the heat of the day. Solar rays which come into the home directly will heat up the furniture, floors, and air, making it far harder for you to convince the heat to drop back down again.

How to keep your house cool without AC
Keep your house cool without AC –

• Get Smart with Fabric

The difference between summer and winter bedding is drastic. While flannel and linen might be amazingly cozy in winter, it’s just going to make you feel super sweaty in summer. Swap it out for thin, breathable cotton, and you might find that getting to sleep isn’t such a frustrating affair anymore.

How To Keep Your House Cool Without AC
Get smart with fabric, opt for breathable cotton 

• Allow the Air to Circulate

Once the sun has dipped below the horizon, throw the windows open. When the cooler air can circulate through your home, it takes out the heat of the day and feels the house from getting stuffy. Air circulation is essential for keeping cool, so investing in a ceiling – or decorative floor fan can really help. If you’re really stuck, a bowl of iced water in front of a floor fan can take the room down a couple of degrees.

Decorative floor fan 

Also remember, if your AC breaks this summer, to keep hydrated, avoid over-exerting yourself, and avoid letting any direct sunlight into your home.

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