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How to Learn to Love Yourself 

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How To Learn To Love Yourself
How To Learn To Love Yourself – Klaudia’s Corner Life & Style 

It’s complicated, I know. Love is life’s most complicated emotion. We strive for it. We reach for it. We crave it. Humans need love to living life to the full, whether that love is in the form of a partner, a friend or a parent. It’s a common self-help platitude, that we should love ourselves first before expecting others to be able to. It’s one that is so very true because without being able to love the person we are. With low self-esteem, we cannot project an image of confidence and warmth to the world. That projection can really change our own outlook – fake it ‘til you make it, right? Wrong. Faking the love that we feel for ourselves can only feed insecurities and pain. To truly love yourself, you need to believe in it.

How To Learn To Love Yourself
How to learn to love yourself and be happy and complete all by yourself

One thing to remember is that to be able to love ourselves for who we are, we need to be taught how to self-love. We need to make the right choices for our own mental and emotional health and those choices have to benefit us. When we lose a love in our life, through death or dissolution of a relationship, rock bottom seems like a cosy place to rest up.

How To Learn To Love Yourself

It isn’t – rock bottom is simply the dark place our hearts go to when love walks away. Love is something we should all be fighting for and curling up at rock bottom is fine while you scoff some pity ice cream and sob over the latest romance movies like these, but it’s not fine forever! You need to pull yourself up and build your confidence back up again, learn how to self-love, and be loved again.

Some people cannot see the wood through trees when it comes to self-love and it’s a terrible shame. Self-care and self-love are two very important aspects of life, you can read more about self-care techniques here if you need the help now. If you have had a partner walk away from you, you need to learn the reasons why. You need to understand what went wrong so that you can rectify any mistakes and learn from the relationship.


How  To  Learn  To  Love  Yourself

Above all, you need to learn to love yourself again so that when you are ready, you might win that love back if that is what you want. Companies like Ex Back Expertise specialise in helping people to win back a love that has walked away from them. But whatever you’re going to do … first, you must love you. And here’s how to learn to love yourself first.

  • Reprimand ⇒  You know that little voice in your head, the one that tells you when you have a stupid idea or that you look awful in a new outfit? It’s time to reprogram that voice. You need to start overcoming the negative things you believe about yourself and start thinking about the positive things. You may be thinking that your weight is a little too high, but let’s instead focus on the killer waspish waist you have going on instead. You might be thinking that you don’t know how to use makeup or contour, so what’s the point in trying to look good? Time to tell that inner voice that you don’t need makeup to look good, as you have silky smooth, porcelain skin that doesn’t blemish. That inner positivity is absolutely mandatory to boost your self-esteem and to learn how to be a confident person.
  • Relax ⇒  Rather than referring to relaxing in front of the television, you need to learn to relax your expectations of yourself. You don’t have to be a perfectionist to be happy with yourself. You need to reset the bar you placed and start to get happy with less-than-perfect. This is only a problem if you hate yourself for not being perfect – don’t you know you’re already there?
  • Reflection ⇒  Make a list of all the things you love about yourself, from your looks to your interests. This list should be very specific and should be something you can focus on that reminds you what there is to adore about you. Doing this isn’t you being arrogant, it’s simply knowing you can find the good among the sadness. These positive items on your list should be something you spend a few minutes affirming to yourself daily.
How To Learn To Love Yourself
Make a list of all the things you love about yourself
  • Reaffirm ⇒  Make a point of turning the negative responses you feel toward your positive list around. Who is triggering this negativity in your life? Are there people in your world who make you feel less than you should? It’s time to reaffirm the positives and remove the negatives. If there are people in your life that make you feel unworthy, they do not deserve to be in your life in the first place. Remember that!

How To Learn To Love Yourself

How To Learn To Love Yourself
How to Learn to Love yourself – image

So, what is the most important thing in life? Above all else, to be able to affirm that you are wonderful just as you are is important – YOU are important!

Loving yourself isn’t just about a body pamper session in the shower, or a meal out to reward your own accomplishments and achievements. It’s about how to be a confident person, about telling yourself that you deserve love, that you are a strong person who does not need negativity.

How To Learn To Love Yourself
How to learn to love yourself and start living life to the full  

It’s important not to abandon yourself. It’s easy to do, your insecurities can swallow you whole if you allow them to, which makes it hard to fight to the surface. Self-love comes in so many forms. Choosing to take care of your body, your mind and your wellbeing are the most important ways to exercise self-love. You must surround yourself with loving people, those who can bolster your feelings about yourself and make you realise what you can offer to the world. Once you love yourself, you can project that to the world. Reading articles like this one about how to boost your self-esteem can also help greatly.

If you are blossoming with confidence, you feel secure in your own feelings about who you are and you can face the world with a real, genuine smile, that’s how you know you are ready. Ready to step forward and accept love, because you are happy and complete all by yourself.

It’s high time to learn how to self-love that girl in the mirror and start living life to the full, you won’t get another chance!

Be good to yourself!



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