How To Make Extra Money With The Right Skills

How to Make extra Money with the Right Skills

How To Make Extra Money With The Right Skills

Boost your Finances with Education!

Personal finance is not a subject that is taught very often in public schools or college. Instead, it is something you have to figure out on your own. It takes some work, but learning more about money is prudent. Education helps you in your career, job prospects and general finances.

How To Make Extra Money With The Right Skills
How to make extra money with skills – ©

According to Business News Daily, 71 percent of people have had to get more training to keep or advance in their current positions while 73 percent believe that they need skills training in order to get a promotion in the future and some 48 percent of people have failed to move up at work because they lacked the necessary skills.

While there are several avenues you could choose that will help you get the education you need in order to boost your finances, the more you know, the farther you can go financially – and that’s just good “cents” (pun intended).

   • Reading

One of the biggest opportunities you have to help you boost your finances is reading. Whether you prefer magazines, books or the newspaper, reading about money can help you understand it better; and that translates into smarter financial decisions in every area of your life. 

How To Make Extra Money With The Right Skills
How to make extra money with the right skills – ©

For less than the cost of a carryout pizza, you can learn about how to get of debt, how to play the stock market, discover more about your industry, manage your retirement accounts or start your own business.

    Going to College

Obviously, going to college is another way that education can help boost your finances; college graduates tend to earn more. What you don’t know is that the difference between low-paying college majors and high-paying college majors adds up to $3.4 million over a lifetime. So make sure you choose a field of study that has good salary expectations. In addition, do your research about the demand for a specific career. The number of annual job postings that come available for some college majors is only a few hundred people (e.g., exercise science), which is many times more than the number of new graduates in that field each year.


Also, don’t forget the importance of learning by doing in a guided environment through an internship. While taking on an internship can mean working long hours for little to no money as well as being relegated to administrative support, the legwork is necessary for many fields and a gold star for most others. Internships help expose you to your field of choice and give you the opportunity to make important connections that could serve you later in your career. Plus, if you do a good job, that internship could lead to a job offer.

    Guided Experience

Guided experience through a training program can be helpful to your wallet too, and the investment is minimal. It takes less time than many other education options and you can actually earn money while you learn. Let’s say you want to learn about sales. You could go to business school or take classes in psychology so you better understand how and why people buy, but that takes years.

How to make extra money with the right skills - ©
How to make extra money with the right skills – ©

You could opt for a shorter training course or take an online course, but you still need to put in the time BEFORE you can get started. Why wait? Instead of choosing traditional education, you could get hands-on training through a direct sales company like Amway, for instance. And there are so many more companies to work with and earn an extra income by selling different beauty, health and home products and get the benefit of learning how to sell. Just browse the net and contact them!

To boost your finances with education is possible. You have to get the education needed and get started. Whether you do so by picking up a book, going to college, getting an internship or taking on a guided experience, the real trick is to start. With a little research and legwork, you’ll be on your way to better finances in no time.

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How to make extra money with the right skills
How to make extra money with the right skills – ©
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Amber Temerity
6 years ago

I so very much agree with your first point especially – read, read, and read some more! While it’s often worth it to hire someone to help (provided you take the time and can actually find someone worth hiring as a mentor), you can find a lot of free information online. So depending on your ideal time line, reading may be the best way to get closer to financial freedom! 🙂