How To Make Your Own Blog Appear Credible & Reputable

How to Make Your Own Blog Appear

Credible & Reputable

How To Make Your Own Blog Appear

The What, Why & How of building Credibility as a Blogger

No worries, that’s not another needless ‘ultimate how-to blog guide’ … who am I to tell anybody at all how to! That’s just my humble personal opinion, experience and way of looking at things. If it’s working well for me, why shouldn’t it work as good for you? Becoming a pro blogger is an attractive proposition for millions of creatives across the globe. And it’s not hard to see the reasons why. Not only does it provide an opportunity to express your views on something you love. It also offers a sense of versatility that’s lacking in most other professions.   

how to make your own blog
How to make your own blog appear reputable & credible

When you get it right, blogging can also open up some very pleasing financial rewards. If you’re going to turn your platform into a commercial venture, though, there are many elements that you’ll need to master. There’s one that many fail to appreciate: credibility.

So let’s have a look at what I have learned about how to make your own blog appear reputable and credible during the last months.

What & Why?

Reputations are a crucial factor for all modern companies. Without that sense of credibility, it will be very difficult to win over customers. Likewise, building links with other businesses is very tough when you don’t have that trust.

How To Make Your Own Blog Appear Credible & Reputable
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As a blogger, your entire venture revolves around the ability to win readers. Without them, the money-making opportunities will be non-existent. Meanwhile, the lack of feedback will limit your hopes of building a better platform too. Conversely, a credible blog should gain a loyal following while seeing steady increases in the volume of readers too.

Essentially, credibility is the key factor that transforms a blog from hobby to business. So now you appreciate the need for acquiring, let’s find out how to make your own blog credible.


Well, as far as I understand, the blogging industry has undergone immense evolution over the past decade. It now looks vastly different to how it did when the boom in popularity started. Consequently, reader expectations have changed too. So if you want to satisfy their needs, you must master a host of different aspects. Here’s how to pass the test with flying colours:

• Ensure that your website boasts a solid design. Readers will judge your website before they’ve even started reading your posts, and a bad first impression could cost you dearly. If you aren’t a naturally gifted graphic designed, these WordPress themes are a great tool for gaining the right aesthetic. Logo and design of website header images can aid the cause too. Most importantly, though, you need to make sure that the navigation. Seeing 404 messages will quickly send the visitor elsewhere.

How To Make Your Own Blog Appear Reputable & Credible
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• Write about what you know! It can be very tempting to try sticking to a topic where you think the financial rewards will be high. In truth, though, you’ll have a far greater shot of gaining a good reputation by writing about something where you are an expert. Moreover, letting that passion shine through is a key part of unleashing your writing style. Even if your focus is a niche idea, the huge online audience ensures that you’ll still have a fantastic chance to achieve great things.

• Make your contact details easily located. This is especially true if your blog sells products as customers won’t buy items without that sense of trust. Even if you don’t take this option, building the perceptions of a larger operation can instantly improve reader reactions. Using a virtual address service can go a long way to helping while also protecting you from having your residential address on the show. Interactions are a key factor for building those connections too, so embracing social media can be beneficial also.

How To Make Your Own Blog ...
How to make your own blog credible – Social media interactions are a key factor for success

• Start appearing elsewhere. Using guest posts and collaborations to your advantage will see your audience grow steadily. In addition to building familiarity with new readers, it can boost the reactions of existing ones. Networking is a key part of blogging, so to join a group for bloggers will serve you very well in building new contacts.  Meanwhile, you can also post other people’s work on your site to create a more regular stream of content.

• Only use the advertising methods that suit your blog. When looking to make money from your blog, choosing ideas that offer the biggest rewards seems like the perfect solution. But if those tools don’t suit your audience, it will leave them feeling alienated. Google Ads is a good starting platform as adverts are tailored to the individual. However, product placements and sponsored posting should always suit your content.

• Don’t just write. They say a picture paints a thousand words and using images and infographics will bring blog posts to life. Taking things one step further with podcasts, videos, and other media will make the blog seem bigger and more exciting. Moreover, showing your abilities to master several media types will increase the sense of credibility. Given that those items can be used to generate extra cash, ignoring those benefits would be very foolish indeed.

How To Make Your Own Blog Appear Reputable & Credible
How to make your own blog credible

Keep creating awesome stuff and never look at blogging as solely a money-making thing, although there is absolutely nothing wrong with making the most out of your hobby!

Don’t you agree?!

Klaudia xx



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