How To Organize Your Kitchen – Tiny Changes to Transform the Look of Your Kitchen

How To Organize Your Kitchen Overhaul

 Tiny Changes to Transform the Look of Your Kitchen

You don’t have to do a total kitchen overhaul to completely transform your kitchen. In fact, there are some tiny changes you can make that will totally transform the look of your kitchen. If you want to make your kitchen a great place to cook and hang out, you’ve come to the right place!

Make these small changes and see what happens:

   1. Change Your Hardware

One of the easiest things you can change in your kitchen is the hardware. This includes things like door handles, light fittings, taps, and other bits and pieces. You can make them all cohesive or switch things up, depending on your style. You may want modern kitchen hardware or some vintage inspired look. There are so many options so you can easily change the personality of the room.

How To Organize Your Kitchen
How to Organize your Kitchen Overhaul –©

   2 .  Install The Correct Lighting

The kitchen needs the correct lighting. It’s probably the most important room in the whole house when it comes to having the right lighting. You need task lighting, so you can chop and cook food effectively. You may want other forms of lighting depending on how you use your kitchen. Just make sure you have the right lighting for your needs, and that it’s in the right place. Having led task light is all well and good, but having it in the wrong place is useless!

How To Organize Your Kitchen
How to Organize your Kitchen Overhaul – LED task light in the right place

   3. A Modern Kitchen Backsplash

The kitchen backsplash is a wipe clean area behind your stove. It helps to eliminate mess when cooking. Most don’t realize they can add a little personality with the help of a modern kitchen backsplash. Why not add coloured tiles or patterned tiles to have a bit of fun.

How To Organize Your Kitchen
How to Organize your Kitchen  – Opt for a modern kitchen backsplash

   4. New Kitchen Countertops

If there’s one thing you should invest in your whole kitchen, it’s the countertops. The countertops get a lot done to them over the years. You may be chopping, slicing, mashing, pulverizing…you get the drift. Making sure the new kitchen countertops are durable is essential. Of course, you want them to look great too.

Neka Granite Marble Quartz looks incredible. Don’t worry, there’s an option for all budgets. If you want to make it as easy as possible, you could even use sticky laminate to change the look of the counters.

How To Organize Your Kitchen
How to Organize your Kitchen – Check on new kitchen countertops

   5. Add Cool Accessories

Add cool accessories to your kitchen to show off your personality. You could even DIY some things yourself. People buy second-hand kitchen table and chair sets, and then paint them themselves. You could add a bookcase, or even simple sugar, coffee, and tea jars. It’s up to you!

   6. Mix and Match your Furniture

You definitely don’t need to match your furniture in the kitchen. Having a variety of chairs can mix things up and be so much fun. You may want to find one matching element. For example, all being the same material or color. After that, you can have fun and choose anything you like!

How To Organize Your Kitchen
Match kitchen table and chair sets

Try making these small changes to your kitchen and you’ll love how it transforms. You don’t need to spend a fortune.

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How To Organize Your Kitchen Overhaul -
How to Organize your Kitchen Overhaul –©

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