How to Speed Clean Your Home Like a Professional

How to Speed Clean Your Home

Like a Professional


Today I would like to introduce Marcio Benedetti to you  …

Marcio Benedetti is the owner of iQ Cleaning a well-known maid and house cleaning company in Washington DC. His passion for cleaning is what originally drove him to make a business out of it and since then, it has only grown. In his free time, he enjoys blogging, cooking, reading, and spending time with his family.

How to Speed Clean
Speed Clean Your Home Like a Professional with IQ Maid and House Cleaning Service

Marcio contacted me some days ago after he has read my article Keep Your Home Clean and Organized Like A Pro. He offered to write the following article and share some brilliant ‘insider’ tips on “How to speed clean your home like a pro” with us.Starting a cleaning business is one thing, but sharing your knowledge with us is just an amazing thing to do! Thanks a lot for this brilliant write-up, Marcio !


How to Speed Clean your Home like a Professional

One of the greatest shortcuts to ensuring that your home becomes completely organized and clean is hiring a professional cleaner to get the job done; however, it’s important to make sure that your overall budget will be able to handle the total cost. In the event that you can’t afford the services of a professional cleaner right now, it’s a good idea to keep all of the best tips and tricks from the best professional cleaners in mind! Keep in mind that you will have to dedicate a ton of time and effort to getting the job done to a high standard!

How to Speed Clean
How to Speed Clean your Home like a Professional   –   author Marcio Benedetti

Professional cleaners are truly the best at what they do. They never waste any time at their work, nor do they take any shortcuts in order to get the job done faster. Even better is the fact that they know how to clean correctly and quickly.Here are some great tips that you can make note of in order to ensure that you’re always able to keep your home as clean as a professional can make it:

1. Schedule all of your cleaning as an actual job

Every professional cleaner schedules every single job, no matter what it is. In fact, no one hires a cleaning service that promises to arrive on some particular day whenever there’s nothing else taking place. One of the first and most important tips that you can make note of is to schedule all of your cleaning tasks to occur every single week. While having a clean home can give you a great feeling, you won’t get it that way by cleaning only on certain occasions. Professionals never stop until the job is completely finished, and you should adopt the same attitude. Whenever you schedule a cleaning task, no matter how big or small it may be, stick with it and try to get it finished in a record amount of time.

2. Dress to be successful

When professional cleaners do their work, they always dress in comfortable and washable clothing, such as supportive shoes and kneepads, as well as goggles and gloves. Gloves and goggles are designed to protect against chemicals while cleaning aprons are great for storing all sorts of tools and supplies. One of the best things you can do is set aside a particular cleaning uniform, which is what you can use only during times that you need to clean.

3. Invest in the right tools

A professional cleaner never uses any type of silly gadget to help them get the job done, such as like what you may see on some late-night television infomercial. Rather than investing in some cheap items that you’d find on the shelf of a supermarket, choose to invest in tools that are much more sturdy and well-made. For instance, instead of using a traditional sponge mop to clean your floor, choose to use a terry-covered Magic Mop or something similar, which will clean your floor in a much more efficient manner.

How to Speed Clean your Home like a Professional
How to Speed Clean your Home like a Professional – Invest in the Right Tools

4. Pick everything up before you clean

It’s no secret that professional cleaners clean anything and everything that they can get their hands on in your home; however, this is something that won’t be possible for them to do if areas such as your countertops and furniture are covered with all sorts of clutter. So before you get started cleaning anything, pick up all of the extra clutter. This will make the entire job go by much more quickly since these extra distractions will be completely out of the way. After all, you would never force a professional cleaning crew to sweep clutter off to the side before they’re able to do the job that they’re being paid to do.

5. Carry all of your tools with you

Take a moment to imagine someone cleaning their upstairs bathroom, only to remember that they forgot to bring the toilet cleaner with them. This means that they have to go all the way back downstairs to get it, then go all the way back upstairs to finish the job. Then the new problem is that they’ve forgotten the toilet brush, which is in the downstairs bathroom, so they now have to go back downstairs yet again to get that tool. Regardless of what room you’re cleaning, it’s always important to ensure that you carry all of your tools with you wherever you go. This is the same thing that professional cleaners do as well, and this will keep you from having to run and back forth from room to room to get the things that you need.

6. Simplify your tool collection

The biggest reason that professional cleaners are always able to carry all of their tools around with them is because they’ve taken the steps to simplify everything. You can always cut down on a lot of time and clutter in your cleaning tote by relying on only a few multi-purpose cleaning solutions. Generally, professional cleaners carry the following:

  • Light-duty evaporating cleaner
  • Heavy-duty degreasing cleaner
  • Tile cleaner
  • Powdered abrasive cleaner
How to Speed Clean Your Home
How to Speed Clean Your Home Like a Professional 

7. Get yourself motivated as much as possible

Professional cleaners never take breaks in order to watch their favorite television shows, taking a phone call, or checking their email while cleaning your home, and you should always adopt the same attitude. During any cleaning task, turn off your television and let your cell phone go directly to your voicemail if any calls come through – you don’t need to deal with distractions like these as you go on with your work. Music, however, can be a huge boost of energy for you. Turn on any kind of uplifting music to help you along the way. Furthermore, you can also try to enlist the help of family and/or friends and work on cleaning as a team, which will definitely help the job get done much more quickly!

8. Make all of your movements count

A professional cleaner never circles around a room more than once. For instance, when cleaning a bathroom, they will clean the mirror, sink, counters, and fixtures before moving on to another area of the room. Make all of your movements count in one single space before you even think about moving on.

9. Use both of your hands

Professional cleaners always use both of their hands whenever they clean, and you should always do the same thing. For instance, spray something with one hand and use your other hand to wipe the area down. You could also scrub your countertops with two rags or sponges rather than just one, which will also put both of your hands to work. Additionally, you can also use two dusters to dust multiple areas, which will get this job done faster as well!

How to Speed Clean Your Home
How to Speed Clean Your Home – Get the ‘Team’ involved

10. Utilize Teamwork

Working with one or more people to get a cleaning task done is a lot better than working on your own. Professional cleaners always work in teams, so it’s always a good idea to consider taking an example from them. If your home is of an average size, you will be able to get all of the work done in virtually no time whenever you utilize teamwork. If you have a family of your own, you can always get them involved as well, even though they may be reluctant to help since they were a part of creating the mess, to begin with.

11. Wrap Everything Up For Next Time

When professional cleaners finish with a job, they always wrap everything up before they leave by returning everything to their proper areas and washing all of their clothes. This is another lead that you should always follow. Additionally, check the levels of all of your cleaning products. If you find that you need more of something, create a shopping list and head to your nearest grocery store to pick them up. Once you get what you need, put everything away. One last tip, be sure to pick out your favorite scented spray and spritz it around the room in order to make it smell great!

How to Speed Clean Your Home
How to Speed Clean Your Home Like a Professional   –   written by Marcio Benedetti 

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7 years ago

Great list. I’ll be applying these tips. I agree about the equipment or tools used. I should choose something that will last longer and will be more efficient.

Kio Rodriguez
7 years ago

This list is great! For someone as busy as me, I barely have some time to clean my place.

Laveena Sengar
Laveena Sengar
7 years ago

These are some awesome ideas. I am a person who needs a clean place around. I do have a cleaning lady and I am going to implement these ideas 🙂

Tania Potter - Soul Sense Coaching
Tania Potter - Soul Sense Coaching
7 years ago

These are such useful tips, Claudia. We are so lucky living in South Africa because I have a wonderful lady who comes to clean three days a week. She does a lot of these things which I had never thought of. I am going to need it over Christmas when she is off!