Is Your House Making You Sick ? Health Check For A Dry Healthy Home

Is Your House Making You Sick ?

– Health Check For A Dry Healthy Home –

There is a lot of advice out there on how we can improve our health. It mostly centers around getting exercise, eating well and looking after your mental health by meditating. But there are other factors that make us sick too. One such factor is the environment that we are living in. Read the article below to find out if environmental factors could be affecting your health and what to do about it.

Is Your House Making You Sick
Is Your House Making You Sick ?  Health Check For A Dry Healthy Home

Check Air Quality

If something is important to us, it is often compared to being ‘like the air that we breathe.’ But in fact, nothing is quite as important as what we take in during respiration. This is the essence of life itself, and anything that affects this system can produce nasty consequences.

For example, simple things such as pet fur and dander can cause respiratory problems and aggravate those that suffer from asthma. This can be responsible for symptoms like being foggy headed, not getting a good night’s sleep all the way up to and including an asthma attack.

Is Your House Making You Sick
Is Your House Making You Sick ?

Dealing with the air quality of your home is not something that you should leave to chance. Open the windows when you get the chance and allow the fresh air to blow through. Use an air purifier and HEPA vacuum bags that filter our particles from the air while vacuuming. Buy them at sites like


Sources Of Electricity

It is controversial as to whether people are affected by the vibrations and emission of the sources of electricity in their home. Some people claim to experience negative effects from electromagnetic hypersensitivity symptoms. These can include headaches and even anaphylactic shock in some more serious cases.

is Your House Making You Sick
Is Your House Making You Sick ? Harmful sources of electricity 

The usual treatment for this is for the person to limit their contact with electrical items. This can often lead to them living in isolation away from built up areas. However, if you are concerned about the negative effects of electricity in your own home, then limit the use of electrical devices. Have as few as possible in the bedroom, and turn everything off at the switch overnight to give yourself some relief.


Chemical Sensitivity Symptoms

A lot of modern cleaners, beauty and hygiene products contain harsh chemicals. Those with sensitive skins can find them to be far too strong for their level of tolerance. Chemical sensitivity symptoms can occur as rashes and irritation and even respiratory issues in some cases.

Is Your House Making You Sick
 chemical sensitivity symptoms can occur as skin irritations

To deal with this, it is important to identify in particular which chemical it is that you are sensitive to. These need to be cut out of you cleaning and beauty routines. You can replace them with all natural items instead or even take the time to make your own, which will not only be better for you but the environment as well.



Black Mold Health Risks

In damp houses, it can be common for mold to grow. It often happening in cellars where leaks are frequent. Or, on walls that are connected to areas of rising damp, and in window frames that are open to the elements.

Is Your House Making You Sick
Is Your House Making You Sick ? – don’t underestimate black mold health risks

It’s fairly obvious that living in a home with damp is a health risk. Is is easy to breathe in the spores and get ill. While filtering the air as mentioned above can help. It is also important to deal with the recurring issue that is causing the damp in the first place. You can get some more helpful information on this, at sites such as

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Dominic Barrios
7 years ago

‘ve also read some tips like this one somewhere else. We regularly change our bedsheets and pillow linens too since we want to avoid mites problems. As for our room, we couldn’t open our windows really because of our huge curtains and it’s too bright and hot outside. So we try to use a humidifier for our room just so we can filter the air inside. so far so good.

7 years ago

Depending on the weather most of my stuff get molds easily and it’s been hard for my allergies. I just remembered i need to replace my window screens cos they’ve gone rusty and super clogged now. 🙁 Sigh