Keeping Cool Without Air Conditioning In The House – Here Is How!

Keeping Cool Without Air Conditioning 

Here is How!

Feeling hot and sticky is possibly the worst thing ever- especially at night when you can’t fall asleep! The problem is if you live in a part of the world that’s generally not that warm then getting a full air conditioning unit installed probably isn’t worth it. However when a heat wave hits, even if it’s just for a few weeks of the year it can be difficult to deal with. Luckily there are a few ways you can stay cool without air conditioning when it’s hot outside without breaking the bank on an air conditioning unit that won’t get used most of the year.

  Use Large Ceiling Fans

Fans are a useful way to keeping cool without air conditioning and get the air circulating in the home. In the bedroom place a fan at the top of the bed, keeping your head cool will help to prevent the rest of your body from being too warm. A large oscillating stand fan will be more effective than smaller models, but go with what works for you and the space you have. Once the weather cools down again and you no longer need them, they can be put into the attic or shed to save space.

Keeping Cool Without Air Conditioning

Large ceiling fans such as sells can also be useful. They look stylish in the home, and on warm days the fan can be used to cool down the room. You don’t have to worry about them taking up space or putting them away after use so it’s a hassle-free option.

  Install Blackout Roller Blinds

As well as blocking out light, blackout roller blinds are also effective at keeping the heat out too. Pulling them over during the hottest part of the day will help to keep your home cool and shaded. You could keep them closed in your bedroom throughout the day too, that way when you come up to bed the room will be far cooler where it’s not been warmed by the sun all day.

Keeping Cool Without Air Conditioning
Blackout roller blinds or chic vertical blinds to stay cool without air conditioning

You can find more information on sites like You could also go with vertical blinds, they’re not too expensive and are useful all year round not just in summer.

 Choose The Right Bedding

Ideally, you should have two duvets- one for the autumn/ winter and another much lighter one for the spring/ summer. During the hottest months, you might not want a duvet at all, in which case a thin blanket or some sheets would be your best bet. Silk or these cool black satin sheets aren’t good news when it’s warm outside and will cause you to stick, sweat and feel uncomfortable.

Keeping Cool Without Air Conditioning In The House
Keeping cool without air conditioning  @

Some good quality Egyptian cotton sheets are the best option. When the weather starts warming up, switch out the bedding you have, and you’ll set yourself up for a far cooler and more comfortable night’s sleep.

How do you stay cool without air conditioning during a heatwave? Or do you live in a part of the world where it’s not worth investing in air con? 

Stay cool this summer!

 Klaudia xx


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